2023 Linnea Olson Patient Advocate of the Year award winner will also serve as an advocacy mentor at the collaborative annual conference (March 20-22, Philadelphia, PA) 

CHAPEL HILL, N.C., and MALMÖ, Sweden — March 14, 2024 — Trialbee, the global leader in technology-based patient recruitment for clinical trials, is honored that Director of Patient Recruitment Strategy Jamie Goldfarb will take center stage at the Patients as Partners in Clinical Research on March 20-22, in Philadelphia, PA. 

Goldfarb, who was named 2023 Linnea Olson Patient Advocate of the Year by Medidata for her lifelong support of clinical research, will join Peter Schaeffer, Digital and Process Optimization Leader at GSK, to lead an interactive session titled “Defining What Success Looks Like for Engaging Participants and Enhancing Collaborations in Clinical Trials.” The session aims to strengthen relationships among sites, sponsors, and patients to deepen understanding and engagement.  

In addition to her speaking session, Goldfarb will serve as a patient advocacy mentor for others who are committed to dedicating the time, energy, and passion it takes to inform patients and activate opportunities for clinical research as a care option worldwide. 

“Many patients aren’t aware that clinical trials present viable treatment opportunities, and if they do, their needs are often overlooked,” Goldfarb said. “By actively listening to patients, sponsors can gain invaluable insights and perspectives that lead to medical advances and improve countless lives.” 

Goldfarb brings a wealth of experience to the discussion as a longtime patient recruitment professional and a melanoma survivor who has been a vocal advocate for increasing access to and awareness of clinical trials. She enrolled in one for tumor-infiltrating lymphocyte (TIL) therapy as part of her treatment and has remained disease free for the past 12 years. Goldfarb is a research advocate for the National Cancer Institute, has created patient-centric online clinical trial resources for multiple pharmaceutical companies and health organizations, is heavily involved with several cancer research foundations and clinical research industry groups, and works one-on-one with people with cancer to help them navigate their treatment options.  

To learn more about her journey, watch her Fireside Chat webinar recording where she details her experiences as a patient and how they crystallized her mission in global patient recruitment. 

The Patients as Partners in Clinical Research conference offers a unique opportunity to hear from pharmaceutical research and development leaders, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) representatives, and patient advocates on how patient involvement drives greater efficiencies in clinical research. The event will explore topics such as diversity and inclusion, early patient engagement, decentralized clinical trials, patient experience data, and patient engagement impact measures. 

Trialbee, a conference sponsor, is changing global patient recruitment with its Honey Platform™, a vendor-agnostic and stand-alone platform that provides unprecedented transparency, actionable data insights, and reliable return-on-investment (ROI) reporting. 

For more information about how Trialbee is revolutionizing the patient recruitment ecosystem through technology, people, and passion, visit https://www.trialbee.com

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Trialbee is revolutionizing the patient recruitment ecosystem with technology, people, and passion. The company’s vendor-agnostic Honey Platform™ is a SaaS Patient Recruitment Platform that centralizes and standardizes all recruitment activities from every source, channel, and partner from interest through enrollment — providing unprecedented transparency and actionable insights for real-time patient tracking, higher-quality referrals that reduce site burden, and robust ROI reporting. Honey is surrounded by a team of Precision Recruitment experts who meet patients where they are in their journey with data-driven modeling based on consumer behavior and other real-world data, hyper-targeted digital outreach, two-step pre-qualification, and meaningful Omnichannel partners focused on patient advocacy, community engagement, and diversity. To take control of patient recruitment for your next study, visit http://www.trialbee.com/.


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Gregory FCA (for Trialbee)