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Precision Recruitment

Reach the Right Patients for Your Trial

At Trialbee, we fundamentally believe quality is greater than quantity. That’s why we have spent years tailoring our digital recruitment approach to find, connect, and pre-qualify patients that best fit your specific clinical trial with….

Data-Driven Patient Profiles

Our digital recruitment experts have created proprietary modeling algorithms that combine consumer behavioral data analytics with therapeutic area insights to identify and engage ideal patients for your trial.

Hyper-Targeted Digital Recruitment

We implement sophisticated and modern digital outreach tactics across social media, search, and programmatic channels (where permitted by global geographies) to present compelling information about your trial to patients likely to be interested  – with total transparency and ROI reporting for all activities in our Honey Platform.

Medical Secondary Screening

To reduce site burden while ensuring the highest quality patient referrals are prioritized for follow-up, Trialbee takes the additional step of pre-qualifying every web form submission with medical secondary screening before sending them to sites.

Some recruitment companies just refer anyone and everyone but that’s not the case with Trialbee. Kudos to the Trialbee team for being such good partners and sending quality referrals. Sites are very excited.

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Ensuring Your Success

Above everything else, we are proud of our team. Their passion, experience, and hands-on approach goes well beyond what is commonly considered project management and into consulting by…

  • Analyzing funnel data to fine-tune screeners and scripts that continually improve the quality of referrals sent to sites and ensure high-quality patients don’t inadvertently drop out 
  • Identify specific areas for follow-up with sites to manage performance and individual candidate status
  • Being transparent about what’s working – and what isn’t – with recommendations for every tactic

Most importantly, our team treats every interaction as an opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life. This is something we feel every day at Trialbee and make it our mission to act accordingly.

What Makes Trialbee Recruitment Special?

We realize it can be confusing to differentiate between recruitment providers. Here are three key reasons why our customers choose Trialbee for Precision Recruitment:

Meet Patients Where They Are Online

It is critical to be deliberate about the people you want to reach and thoughtful about the methods and materials you use to communicate the goals of your trial. Trialbee can help you achieve your goals with data-driven patient profile modeling, hyper-targeted digital recruitment, and medical secondary screening – all with the global expertise, hands-on project success consulting, and actionable insights in the Honey Platform that we are known for.

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