Honey Platform™

A message from CEO Matt Walz about the new era of patient recruitment

Chapel Hill

Meet the New Trialbee

Technology, People, and Passion

Chapel Hill

Meet the New Trialbee

Technology, People, and Passion

Turn Insights Into Action

If you want to take control of your global patient recruitment, the Honey Platform™ is where you should start. Honey is a vendor-agnostic and stand-alone Patient Recruitment Platform that creates a single recruitment funnel to provide unprecedented transparency, actionable data insights, and reliable ROI reporting.

Honey centralizes all recruitment activities and participant journeys to manage performance and track progress across vendors, advocacy groups, sources, and more – enabling you to evaluate results and target follow-up at the individual site, channel, and patient level.

Our customers tell us that Honey is different than anything else available for patient recruitment because of several key features:

Visual Reporting

Honey’s unrivaled reporting engine provides visual dashboards to assess trends as well as robust drill-down metrics to identify and clear bottlenecks in easily digested formats, with full export capabilities – so you spend less time reporting on data and more time acting on it.

Site Performance Management

Real-time insights into current site activities (e.g. patient activity logs, days until first contact with patients, rejection rate) make your conversations highly efficient, focused, and action-oriented. Honey features a proprietary Site Performance Score so you can evaluate comparative metrics at a glance and direct your follow-up efforts accordingly.

Meaningful Data Insights

Site users regularly express how much they appreciate the detailed pre-screening responses and medical notes from secondary screening interviews attached to each patient record, which prepare site staff for final eligibility evaluations and enrollment conversations. Meanwhile, all data can be viewed as a table format with dynamic columns and filters or exported into your analytics platform of choice.

ROI Tracking

Honey aggregates and analyzes progress across all channels to compare the performance and trajectory of individual vendors, as well as to dive deep into the relative value of specific social media channels in particular countries – enabling you to spend your energy and budget where you are proven to get the best results. This is especially valuable when using multiple recruitment providers, community engagement, or advocacy groups, whether from your own ecosystem or from our curated network of Omnichannel Partners.

Built By Recruitment Success

Honey is the only vendor-agnostic platform built and powered by the insights and requirements of experienced patient recruitment professionals, and supported by an expert team of hyper-targeted digital marketing experts to ensure it solves actual challenges you face every day.

Recruitment Reporting Your Way

As a true SaaS platform, you can implement Honey to take control of the entire process for a single study, an entire global program, or enterprise-wide – independent of whether you are working with Trialbee for Precision Recruitment.

Consumer-grade User Experience

Unlike many traditional clinical systems, Honey is developed by experienced consumer UX designers who are passionate about technology that is transparent, versatile, actionable, and easy to use. More than simply buzzwords, these design principles are evident throughout the platform which drives high adoption and value for sponsors, CROs, and sites.

Continual Improvement

Honey analyzes drop-out rates along every stage of the funnel so our team can make practical recommendations for improving study landing pages, pre-screeners, and secondary screening scripts – ensuring quality patients are not inadvertently missed.

Ready to Take Control?

Schedule a demo of the Trialbee Honey Platform to see what’s (finally!) possible with patient recruitment management.