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Recruitment Solutions

Every Trial Need a Hive

Patient recruitment is changing – and is more complex than ever. Many trials rely on multiple providers, advocacy groups, and more which introduces significant challenges in centralizing all channels, reporting, and ROI metrics in a way that provides actionable data insights. That’s where Trialbee comes in.

Take Control of Your Global Patient Recruitment

Trialbee Hive™ is revolutionizing the patient recruitment ecosystem with technology, people, and passion. Hive improves the quality of patient referrals passed to sites using hyper-targeted Precision Recruitment, creates new patient pathways with Omnichannel Partners, and centralizes everything for performance tracking, ROI metrics, and actionable insights in the vendor-agnostic Honey Platform™.

Get the Most Out of Your Recruitment Ecosystem

Recruitment partners, patient databases, community engagement organizations, and patient advocacy groups can be extremely valuable initiatives to reach ideal patients as well as diverse and under-served populations. It can be difficult, however, get the most out of them if you lack

the real-time visibility into progress – or if sites are so over-burdened by low-quality patient referrals that they are unable to prioritize connecting with participants likely to qualify in a timely manner.
Trialbee Hive solves these issues with…

Take control of your global patient recruitment.

In a confusing industry, Trialbee is the only patient recruitment provider to combine hyper-targeted Precision Recruitment with Omnichannel Solutions that all flow through a centralized and vendor-agnostic platform like Honey.
How can we help you take control of your global patient recruitment?