Omnichannel Solutions

A Curated Network of Proven Partners

Whether you are recruiting patients in a highly competitive therapeutic area or are investigating a rare disease where patients are harder to identify, we understand that for many trials a single recruitment strategy is not sufficient to meet your goals on time.

That’s why we have built an extensive Omnichannel Network of proven partners who supplement our Precision Recruitment solution with full transparency in the Honey Platform. As opposed to a typical vendor marketplace with redundant outreach tactics, our continually growing network opens new and unique pathways to connect ideal patients to your clinical trial. These organizations include…

Disease communitiesPharmacies
Genetic testing & labsMedical records platforms
Digital appsHealthcare providers (HCPs)

Minimize Onboarding with a Single Point of Contact

We’ve seen it countless times. You have an exciting roster of potential partners lined up, and then you have to manage an onboarding and qualification process that can be costly and time-consuming. It can grind your momentum with innovative organizations to a halt.

Meanwhile, patients are waiting – so we can’t. That’s why we are proud to serve as a single point of contact providing you with direct access to the partners in our Omnichannel Network – each of which has undergone and successfully completed a rigorous qualification process. Our QA team works with yours to ensure you move forward with absolute confidence and minimal onboarding cost and time.

Choosing the Right Partners for You

With so many amazing organizations providing unique ways to reach potential participants, it is overwhelming (and a critical success factor) to choose the right ones for you. Our Global Strategy Team recommends ideal partners from our Omnichannel Network based on your specific protocol, indication, target patient profile, key geographies, timelines, diversity and inclusion goals, and more. With several dozen providers ready to help you, and more always on the way, we pride ourselves on helping you select the perfect partners that will provide results while ensuring a cultural fit.

Total Transparency for True ROI

The Honey Platform brings out the value of Omnichannel partners – literally. With our robust reporting, you will be able to see real-time metrics and dashboards showing you exactly how each partner is performing, where their referrals currently are in the funnel, and which individual tactical channels are providing the best results. That way you can make informed business decisions with your budget – and partners greatly appreciate the feedback about what happened to each of their referrals (which is usually unknown to them). With this level of transparency, Trialbee helps create a true partnership and ecosystem to drive recruitment success across every source in support of your trial and your patients.

Precision Recruitment

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