Who We Are

Our Mission

Trialbee is revolutionizing the patient recruitment ecosystem with technology, people, and passion – in order to improve lives by enabling greater clinical research for all.

Why Trialbee?

Trialbee supports studies of all sizes and geographies with our Honey Platform, Precision Recruitment, and Omnichannel Partners. And we admit that probably sounds like many other companies today.In a confusing industry, it can be challenging to distinguish between providers as you search for the best fit for your trial. Our approach is different because we are the only patient recruitment team that provides a combination of all of the following essential attributes:

Our Three Uniques

While other companies may claim one or two of these capabilities, only Trialbee confidently delivers all three – so if transformative SaaS technology, hyper-targeted digital recruitment, and global expertise are important to you, we’re here to help and happy to talk.

Global Expertise

Founded and based primarily in Malmo, Sweden, and with executive leadership in the United States and United Kingdom, Trialbee inherently understands how to find and engage patients – and manage local regulations – for clinical trials whether they are in a single country or a dozen countries around the globe.

Data-Driven Targeting

We believe strongly that quality is greater than quality. Unlike other methods of trial marketing such as broadcast media, printed advertisements, or wide-spread marketing, we are exclusively focused on hyper-targeted digital outreach based on proprietary modeling using consumer behavioral data. This scientific approach to identify ideal patients and meet them where they are online, combined with our rigorous medical secondary screening, ensures we refer only the best potential candidates to sites who are likely to qualify and enroll.

Unprecedented Transparency

If you want to take control of your global patient recruitment, Honey is where you should start. As a stand-alone and vendor-agnostic platform, Honey provides total clarity and real-time insights with a visual single funnel for all outreach activities. You will have reports at your fingertips that show which recruitment partners and sites are performing best – and which require immediate follow-up – down to the specific channels so you can manage ROI at the micro level and pinpoint your budget investments accordingly to maximize results across your portfolio (even if you aren’t working with Trialbee for recruitment services).

Our Culture

Everyone at Trialbee has a reason why they joined our hive. Many of them involve personal or family experience with clinical trials and the power they have to improve lives now and provide hope for a better future for generations to come. 

And with an internal 2023 Team Engagement score of 88%, there are even more reasons why they stay, including…

  • The team and internal culture
  • The vision for technology-enabled and data-driven patient recruitment
  • The ability to make an impact and improve patient lives

Since 2021, CEO Matt Walz has invested as much attention and energy into building the team correctly has he has in helping to guide the development of our Honey Platform – and it shows. Trialbee has built a revolutionary technology solution and has surrounded it with many of the best and brightest patient recruitment experts from across the industry who all share four key personal and professional values:

Trialbee is…


We are honored by the trust you place in us to connect patients to your clinical trial, and we work hard every day to earn it while taking nothing for granted


We care deeply about the indications and the people we serve, and always keep the human element top of mind because we are all patients


The old way of doing things should remain the old way – we strive to find better processes through technology, data, and services that continually improve efficiency and results


In a serious industry, we accentuate the positive and make time to enjoy working together with our teammates and our customers to solve real challenges

Join Our Team

These cultural values are more than buzzwords. They are the backbone of our team and why we continue to grow with repeat business from our valued customers. And we are always looking for like-minded people who want to help us with our mission.