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Case Studies

When you are considering a recruitment partner for your next trial, it’s essential to ensure there is a match in approach, strategy, and philosophy. Does the provider understand your patients and their families? How do they support sites? What geographies and diverse populations do they have experience with? 

While a single web page cannot answer all of these important questions to help you determine fit, we have collected here a few illustrative case studies (while respecting the privacy of our customers and site users) as examples of how Trialbee helps teams like yours achieve recruitment goals globally.

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In a 2023 survey of customers
we received an NPS of 60+ with a 4.4 / 5 rating for Precision Recruitment and 4.6 / 5 for project management.

Urology Studies

Hard-to-Recruit Urology Studies

Trialbee is proud to support our valued pharmaceutical customer on two difficult-to-recruit urology studies, both of which require potential participants to be using particular models / sizes of catheters and other devices to qualify for the trials. As a small company, they partner extremely closely with our team on a daily basis – and in fact uses the Honey Platform™ as their entire site management system. Through our hyper-targeted Precision Recruitment medical secondary screening, we were able to identify and resolve restrictive I/E criteria (and ambiguous language on the web self-screener forms) that were holding recruitment back from its full potential. We helped them learn from actual real-time data and funnel insights into where patients were dropping out, and iterate on outreach materials, web forms, and screening scripts to dramatically improve the quality of referrals.

During the active recruitment period, approximately 500 people came through the web pre-screener. Our medical secondary screening disqualified 60% of patients before they were referred to sites – significantly reducing burden and enabling them to focus on patients more likely to qualify. Many of the patients who were ineligible for this study were referred to a similar trial which they matched better. As a result, the first trial reached its enrollment goal before we processed all referrals. In the second trial, which is currently ongoing, over 90% of Trialbee referrals have been qualified and randomized.

In addition to the impressive recruitment and qualification results, the study team managers commend Trialbee for our flexibility, speed to deploy and adjust, and usability of the Honey Platform. In fact, they have commented on how amazing it is to see that several of their Principal Investigators log in daily – an unexpected testament to the system’s value, simplicity, and ease.

Top-10 Pharma

Patient-Activated Diagnostic Awareness Program

A Top-10 Pharma partnered with Trialbee to launch a patient-activated diagnostic awareness program for neuromuscular diseases, inclusive of Pompe disease. The program took place in Romania, where individuals who do not have health insurance must pay to access a primary care physician – and thus a referral to a specialist. By utilizing digital outreach and engagement channels in conjunction with the Honey Platform™, we were able to connect with individuals who fit the profile, educate them about rare neuromuscular diseases, and confidently track their referral progress. Our healthcare professional telehealth secondary screening ensured that our candidates for this program remained engaged while they obtained a referral. Patient recruitment is the biggest hurdle in rare disease treatment development, therefore it is of great importance for us, as an industry, to innovate and deploy successful models such as this. The program has helped diagnose over 10% of the consenting patients who were referred with neuromuscular disease, shortening their patient journey to diagnosis.

Rare Oncology

Oncology / Rare Diseases

A mid-sized pharmaceutical company focused on rare endocrine diseases developed a wide-reaching approach for recruiting patients into its Carcinoid Syndrome trial that included a combination of advocacy groups, physician outreach, and digital marketing directly to patients. They realized quickly they required a solution to unify and centralize all of their outreach activities and understand ROI for their partners, channels, and tactics – as well as to hyper-target digital recruitment that meets patients where they are in their journey. 

They selected Trialbee for Precision Recruitment to find and pre-qualify patients and the Honey Platform to manage performance of all their partners in a single centralized funnel with total transparency. As a result, the company… 

  • Received 20+ potential participants within a few weeks of launch for an ultra-rare disease
  • Evaluated ROI to manage performance of advocacy groups and other partners while making more informed investment decisions
  • Analyzed drop-out rates to fine-tune digital targeting criteria and screening questionnaires
  • Partnered with Trialbee on three additional upcoming rare disease studies

Site Feedback and Customer Testimonials

We are as passionate about improving the site experience as we are about overall recruitment results – and it shows. The following quotes come directly from sites or were relayed to us by the sponsor’s study team, and we are proud to continue to improve the value we provide through the Honey Platform and exclusively medically pre-qualified patient referrals.

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Some recruitment companies just refer anyone and everyone but that’s not the case with Trialbee. Kudos to the Trialbee team for being such good partners and sending quality referrals. Sites are very excited.
– Biotechnology Company Study Team

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Hello, this is my first time using Trialbee Honey and I must say I think it has the potential to dominate the industry in regard to subject recruitment.
– Clinical site and beta tester for multiple recruitment platforms

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The Honey Platform is life-changing for me. I’m upset with myself for not using it more.
– Program Manager at a Top-10 Pharma

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Our team has used other platforms. Everyone resoundingly prefers Honey.
– VP, Patient Engagement at a medical device company

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