Malmö, Sweden and Research Triangle Park, NC, February 2, 2021 — Trialbee, a leading global technology provider for patient matching and engagement in clinical trials, today announced the release of HIVE™, a smart data science application applied on real-world data (RWD) to enhance targeting and precision in performance-driven patient recruitment for global clinical trials. 

“Traditional patient recruitment has limited access to patients and takes a long time to accomplish. Digital advertising for clinical trials, to supplement the pool of patients available to investigators, often results in large burdensome screening activities for the sites only to result in a few additional patients to enroll. Trialbee HIVE uses a smart modeling technique and expands the pool of potential clinical trial participants and then narrows down the pool to only the most relevant candidates matching the study criteria. The multi-sourcing of patients from large RWD repositories provides sites with a steady flow of motivated and study-ready patients allowing sites to focus on the final clinical evaluation prior to enrollment,” said Lollo Eriksson, Chief Strategy Officer at Trialbee.

Trialbee HIVE is a result of combined expertise and close collaboration with Trialbee partner organizations specializing in global health research networks, RWD management, advanced data science techniques, consumer data connectivity platforms and eClinical technologies. “We are proud of the integration work between these innovative institutions and organizations, and to be able to offer Trialbee HIVE to sponsors, clinical research organizations and investigators engaged in clinical research,” said Matt Walz, CEO of Trialbee.

“The ability to simulate an eligible cohort with RWD and safely connect, qualify and scale with measurable outcomes is a critical step to achieve the precision needed to understand and target the patient population for a trial. A steppingstone capability to strategic clinical study management and improvement of the recruitment approach is to use this information to access and engage a large number of patients using smart matching techniques to ensure a diverse study population,” said Mats Sundgren, Director of Health Informatics, Astra Zeneca.

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