What we do

Holistic digitalization of the clinical journey

Patient Recruitment

Over 50% of clinical trials fail to achieve planned patient enrollment targets. Trialbee has developed a unique methodology, leveraging the power of digital to cover the outreach, acquisition and activation of target patients and investigators.

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Patient Retention & Engagement

Non-adherence and drop-outs can lead to patient attrition rates as high as 30% in late phase trials. Trialbee tackles the retention challenge by developing gamified mobile solutions tailored to the motivational needs of trial participants.

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Patient Feasibility Analysis

Poor trial design without empirical assessments pointing to a successful outcome result in unacceptable level of failure rates. Trialbee offers an analytical and digitally driven approach to assess patient feasibility by ensuring appropriate inclusion/exclusion criteria and recruitment targeting.

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Target Outcomes

Simplify and drive clinical research as a care option and accelerate the journey to market for new treatments to patients who need them

Improved quality

Boost your approval rates through enhanced patient experience and consistent motivation

Reduced Costs

Re-focus your investments on the science through lower recruitment and retention efforts

Shorter Timelines

Bring novel treatments to patients at record speed through faster access to efficacy outcomes

Multiple success stories

We have successfully engaged patients in 48 countries for major pharmaceutical companies across therapeutic areas.

Global Coverage

East, west, north and south - our global reach is constantly growing. So far we have recruited and engaged patients in 48 countries with great success.

Therapy Area Agnostic

Trialbee has accelerated research in all types of trials covering 12 therapy areas. Our workflow is agnostic and adaptable across indications.

Partners to Industry Leaders

15 global pharmaceutical companies & CROs have successfully leveraged the Trialbee Platform to accelerate clinical research.

What They Say

Don’t take our word for it, take theirs.

Executive Director

Global Pharma

Awesome experience

We have indeed had a great experience with Trialbee, too good in fact, which is why we'd like to stop today. The sites have a backlog of patients that they can't process fast enough.


Mid-size Pharma

Simplified efforts

Working with Trialbee really simplified our efforts in finding patients. Trialbee opened new channels for patient recruitment and helped us increase the recruitment rates. Also, we could use only one advertisement for a country-wide campaign.

Lead Physician

Investigator Site

Great efficiency gains

Using Trialbee's solution we have been able to reduce our workload in finding patients and matching them to clinical trials. We saved several hours of work per patient. Trialbee's pre-screening of patients is efficient and the direct feedback to patients and clinical sites are very valuable.

Lead Physician

Investigator Site

High quality patients

We were satisfied with the Trialbee recruitment tool. The quality of the referrals was good. We got excellently pre-screened patients from Trialbee’s site.

Leah M

Patient - Texas, USA

User friendly

It was super easy. Everything made sense. I can't imagine anything simpler.

Paul J

Patient - San Diego, USA


It was my first trial, and now I recommend Trialbee to my friends.

Got questions? We've Got Answers!

Below is a list of frequently asked questions to help you understand how this works.

1. What do we do?

Trialbee offers pharmaceutical and CRO companies software and online systems for efficient clinical trial planning & management. We have built a cloud-based platform for enhanced communication and acceleration of clinical trials and we partner with our clients to digitally connect and engage stakeholders across the value chain.

2. Who can benefit from our services?

Trialbee builds targeted solutions to enhance the outcomes and drive efficiency improvements for sponsors, investigator sites and patients. At our core we are patient-centric, meaning our main focus is to always meet the needs of the patient. We do this by using innovative technologies to provide a completely reimagined experience for trial participants .

3. How do you get started?

We offer services within Patient Recruitment, Patient Retention and Feasibility Analysis and our solutions are completely modular. We work with sponsors to identify specific research needs and tailor technology programs to match them. Contact us today to get started on your digitalization journey!

4. How much does it cost?

As our solution is completely modular, it is up to you as a sponsor to ultimately pick and choose from our range of system and service features. These features range from very simple to complex and the scope of your tailored technology program will set the budgetary requirements. Read more on the various features linked to our offerings in the Platform section.

5. Why should you choose Trialbee?

Clinical researchers today face intense difficulties with managing trial timelines and costs but still remain resistant to reimagining the traditional way to operate a study. Trialbee is the only true provider of a holistic digitalization of the patient journey in clinical research. We offer a one-stop shop for research sponsors and investigator sites to attach value-adding digital modules to trials and the breadth of our services and expertise is unparalleled in the industry.


Don’t hesitate to reach out and we will do our best to provide you with an overview of our capabilities.

About Us

Trialbee is a next generation provider of cloud-based solutions to the life sciences industry. We offer software and online systems for efficient clinical trial management to pharmaceutical and CRO companies.

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