A comprehensive recruitment, pre-screening and consent solution for your trial. Discover the tools you need to find and enroll qualified study participants.

Empowering study sponsors with digitally-driven patient recruitment and retention strategies to optimize the enrollment of your clinical trials.

Trialbee recognizes the tremendous potential of digitally-based healthcare services. Inspired by the ever-increasing shift from traditional, office-based medical care to a growing reliance on tele-health, Trialbee has developed a proprietary digital-first approach to optimize enrollment and patient retention for your clinical trials. We are committed to a patient-centric model that focuses on engagement to minimize attrition—and our platform is proven to provide maximum enrollment for your clinical study in less time. 

As a company, our goal is to combine advanced digital technology and the most up-to-date life science to create an entirely new, next-generation platform that simplifies the enrollment process for patients and supports the successful completion of your clinical trial. Our first-of-its-kind technology can help bring your innovative products to the marketplace while providing patients with additional care options.

Core Values

Our digital-first recruitment and retention strategies empower patients by positioning your clinical trial as a care option.

The Courage to Innovate.

Curiosity and courage drive out-of-the-box thinking to create unique solutions that help enhance patient recruitment, enrollment and retention to optimize the success of your clinical trial.

Value-based Solutions.

Your clinical trial requires meticulous attention to detail. Our understanding of the complex, evolving nature of clinical trials and agile approach to technology allows us to provide the highest-quality, most efficient solutions for our customers.

Make the World a Better Place.

Your clinical trial has the potential to improve the lives of its participants, which is why our digital solutions strive to optimize patient recruitment and retention. Knowledge is power, and your clinical trial and the research it yields can have far-reaching, global benefits.

Respect, Trust and Collaboration.

Finding the ideal recruitment strategy for your clinical study involves intense listening and careful consideration of your perspective and goals. Our commitment to respect, trust and open communication allows us to optimize the trial experience for every patient and trial sponsor.

Passion for Our Work.

We believe that your clinical trial can have a real impact within the realm of medicine and beyond by positively disrupting the status quo. We relentlessly strive to deliver innovative solutions that promote learning, teaching and sharing of information.

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Trialbee Attracts Mr. Carlos Rodriguez As Head of Finance and HR

Trialbee Attracts Mr. Carlos Rodriguez As Head of Finance and HR

Trialbee, a world leading technology provider in patient matching and engagement, continues its talent growth by the recruitment of Mr. Carlos Rodriguez, a life science executive of 20 years in biotech, pharma and pharma services. Carlos has decided to join Trialbee’s leadership team as Head of Finance and HR.

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Trialbee Continues to Contribute to Innovation in Diabetes

Trialbee Continues to Contribute to Innovation in Diabetes

Trialbee is pleased to announce a new active partnership with the Diabetes Alliance Sweden. Trialbee´s active participation will hopefully act as a catalyst in the formation of new collaborations, securing that important innovations become available to diabetics in Sweden and globally. 

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Match, Engage and Enroll Qualified Participants in a Predictable and Controlled Way, Meeting or Exceeding Expectations

Trialbee provides sponsors and CROs with an advanced platform and recruitment services designed to successfully match, engage and enroll patients for your clinical trials.