Patient Recruitment

Increase catchment area and significantly reduce screening workload

Patient Recruitment

Patient recruitment is indisputably the biggest bottleneck in clinical research with over 50% of clinical trials failing to achieve planned enrollment targets. In fact, recruitment inefficiencies cause on average 10.8 months of delays for late stage trials, driving significant operational costs and opportunity losses.

Trialbee offers a web based patient recruitment system designed to create a seamless experience for patients who sign up and participate in clinical trials. Together with our clients we develop digital strategies covering outreach, acquisition and activation of eligible trial participants.

Digital campaigns optimized for target patient population

Online pre-screening to reduce investigator workload

Track & manage status of referred candidates

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How does it work

Simple and seamless patient recruitment

Campaign Outreach

We develop digital outreach campaigns for clinical trials based on analysis of the target patient groups and online behavioral patterns, to ensure optimal catchment areas as well as cost and time efficiency gains. During campaigns, metrics and response rates on outreach activities are monitored to actively improve traffic and engagement.

Trial Listing

Trialbee Health is a comprehensive and vibrant web portal where patients engage in peer-to-peer interactivity and gain awareness on disease- and research-related topics. The traffic from the outreach campaigns is directed towards the trial listings section of Trialbee Health. Here visitors are met with a simple and friendly introduction to the clinical trial, including information on eligibility criteria and how to enroll.

Online Screening

Prior to on-site screening, the quality of patient referrals is secured through eligibility testing with Trialbee's pre-screening web module. Here patients get to respond to a set of pre-defined queries that will determine the high level status of their condition as well as their overall motivation to engage in clinical research. Feedback is direct and automated,

Nurse Panel Screening

In addition to online screening, Trialbee supplies qualified and certified healthcare personnel to handle remote, phone based patient evaluation in line with eligibility criteria. Our dedicated nurse panel does not only handle script-based communications, but manage constructive and educative conversations with prospects to determine state of disease, medical history and motivational level - all to ensure best possible fit with trial program prior to first clinic visit.

Investigator Site Administration

Investigator site personnel are provided with access to the Trialbee Patient Manager - a very simple and intuitive referral management tool with the ability to track participant status and manage feedback and scheduling throughout the recruitment process. To remove potential bottlenecks, referrals are automated and since patient communications is trackable through the system, sponsors have a way to measure investigator site activity & performance.

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Increased patient inflow, automated screening and simple conversion tracking


Trialbee enable study sponsors to greatly reduce patient recruitment costs and timelines through an innovative methodology that multiplies randomization rates when comparing to traditional approaches. Our experts continuously advise on the best courses of action based on data analysis and benchmarks on specific patient populations.


Investigator sites gain access to a user-friendly administration system to track recruitment status and manage patient referrals. The process is streamlined end-to-end and significantly reduces the effort required by site personnel, driving not just cost and time efficiences, but also significant improvements to the quantity and quality of enrolled patients.


With the power of technology, Trialbee has made it easier than ever for patients to gain awareness, get access and enroll in clinical research from the comfort of their own home. Our unique approach provides patients with a seamless sign-up experience where maximum understanding and engagement is secured prior to enrollment.

"Working with Trialbee really simplified our efforts in finding patients. Trialbee opened new channels for patient recruitment and helped us increase the recruitment rates. Also, we could use only one advertisement for a country-wide campaign."

CEO - Mid-size Pharma

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Trialbee Patient Recruitment is a completely modular offering where sponsors have the opportunity to select system features and services that match the specific requirements of a project. Contact us and we will tailor a package according to your needs.

System Features

Trial Listing

Publish information, eligibility criteria and contact details for your clinical trial on the listings section of the vibrant Trialbee Patient Community. Trialbee ensures high visibility and automated matching of the right patients to your study.

Online Pre-screener

Relieve the investigator site from unnecessary workload by filtering patients through an online survey, testing key eligibility criteria and motivational levels. Trialbee will handle all referrals to site, ensuring a steady stream of high quality participants.

Site Selector

Let your patients select between investigator clinics to match expectations in terms of travel needs and physical presence. Additionally, Trialbee supplies geo-matching functionalities to ensure targeted patients are based in the vicinity of active sites.

Patient Manager

Provide investigator sites with automated referrals through an easy-to-use system with real-time updates, securing quick patient feedback. Through the Trialbee Patient Manager site personnel get a clear oversight of referred patients and can report outreach activities in each step of the process.


Collect and consolidate data on your patient population in a user-friendly overview for analysis. The Trialbee Analytics portal allows sponsors to leverage statistical analysis on population behavior for use in future trial and feasibility planning.

Service Features

Digital Marketing

Leverage our resident growth hackers to efficiently market your clinical trial through social media, search optimization and paid advertising. With our vast experience, we make sure that campaign effects are maximized by applying geographic and population targeting principles.

Content Development

In a patient centric world, friendly, personal and motivating communication is key. Let Trialbee support you in creating engaging content for your marketing campaigns, trial listings and information pamphlets to drive a steady stream of enrolling prospects.

Project Management

Patient Recruitment is a difficult process requiring focused attention and dedication. Trialbee offers expert resources to handle your recruitment project end-to-end, including all project management artifacts and site follow-ups, driving down the time and cost to reach target population.

Call-Center Screening

A second layer of pre-assessment will further solidify eligibility compliance and ingoing motivation of prospects. Trialbee supplies licensed and qualified personnel for remote screening of patients, boosting convenience for both investigator sites and trial participants.

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