Overcoming the challenges of decentralized clinical trials

The rapid implementation of digital health tech as well as changes in FDA policies over the last year has paved the way for the adoption of decentralized clinical trials. However, biotech, pharmaceutical and medical device companies are still struggling to overcome the new challenges presented by decentralized trials, such as locating and qualifying candidates at scale. 

The benefits of decentralized clinical trials are well known. On the patient side, participation is much more convenient and engagement is higher, which leads to higher retentionOn the trial side, having access to more engaged patients can speed up trial timelines, which accelerates development of new therapies. But with all the benefits that come from decentralized trials, finding participants and enrolling them is still a challenge. 

New data-driven technology can assist with patient recruitment and enrollment. Not only do these technology solutions allow for access to a global pool of patients, they can also decrease costs associated with finding study participants.

Many are weighing the benefits and risks associated with decentralized trials. Join our upcoming webinar on June 23 to hear from two industry leaders, Trialbee CEO Matt Walz and THREAD CEO John Reites, about challenges associated with patient recruitment and enrollment in decentralized clinical trials and how to overcome them.

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June 15, 2021