Duration: 60 minutes
Speakers: Del Smith, PhD (CEO, Acclinate) and Matt Walz (CEO, Trialbee)

Join Acclinate CEO Del Smith, PhD, and Trialbee CEO Matt Walz live from the Acclinate studios in Birmingham, Alabama for an open, honest, and insightful conversation about diversity in clinical research (and featuring interactive polls for real-time feedback from attendees).

This is a webinar unlike any other. Watch to explore the 5 key trends that are poised to significantly improve clinical trial diversity in 2023 and beyond. Agenda topics include…

• The business imperative of earlier and sustained patient engagement
• Trust-enabling technologies for community collaboration
• Leveraging real-world data (RWD) to target precise locations
• Using a robust platform for recruitment tracking and results management
• Adequate and equitable incentives, the changing regulatory landscape, and more