Employee Experience as Your Competitive Advantage

Author: Denise Wikstrom, Head of People, Trialbee

Today, employees expect to be known, understood, and supported in the workplace. The employees of today are used to receiving tailored recommendations for things like movies and products from their smart devices and computers, and they are increasingly expecting the same kind of service in the workplace. Employees care about getting the right answer more than the fast answer, and we are striving to think about how we serve our employees and how to make their experience better and simpler, more personalized, and more helpful. The question we have been asking is this – how we can support our team members during key moments of their employee journeys, those moments that matter most to them, before they even have to ask?

Focusing on the Moments that Matter

At Trialbee, we’re viewing the employee experience similar to how consumer retailers define customer journeys in order to create better and more useful experiences for employees. By identifying the most meaningful employee moments and deploying resources accordingly we can provide more targeted experience focused on what our employees truly need an expect. For example, critical moments for employees could include the recruitment process, a global holiday and absence tracker (huge thing for us as a global company that needs to work!), pre-boarding and onboarding, promotions, defining roles and responsibilities, and many others.

Tools to Simplify People Processes

Knowing that our employees want and expect accurate information that is relevant to their particular situations, we can think about how to better deliver experiences that they can easily interact with in the ways they want. As part of our initiative to move to a more digitized People Ops-function, we identified vendors that could help us achieve this goal. We found and decided to invest in a SaaS-based people automation platform that could help us centralize people data. We want to focus on digital priorities that make a difference to our people and we’re doing that by identifying the most critical employee journeys and prioritizing our digital initiatives around those key moments. We wanted to take some of our core People processes and make them accessible through one tool – and this new SaaS solution will help us with that.

This initiative will help us to continue scaling our organization with reliable and centralized data. It doesn’t matter if an employee is working from South Africa or in the US – the employee will be able to find information specific to oneself.

If you are curious to hear more on how we work with employee experience at Trialbee, reach out to the People Team at people@trialbee.com

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October 4, 2022