Disrupt Clinical Trial Enrollment: Patient-Centered Technology Approaches to Recruitment

Duration: 30 minutes 
Date: Tuesday, January 25th, 10am ET 
Speakers: Matt Walz, Martin Kilsgard 
Moderator: Gaynor Anders 

Clinical trial recruitment and enrollment is an area ripe for disruption. The recruitment process has been and, in many cases, continues to be inefficient.  

  • 80% of all clinical trials fail to meet enrollment timelines 
  • 55% of all clinical trials that terminate do so due to insufficient patient enrollment 
  • 20% of clinical trial participants drop out of the study 
  • Only 10% of all clinical trial participants represent minority populations 

Viewing these challenges alongside the sheer cost of clinical trial recruitment, traditional recruitment and enrollment strategies are neither efficient nor sufficient.  Join Martin Kilsgard and Matt Walz for a discussion moderated by Gaynor Anders on Tuesday, January 25th at 10am ET, 3pm UK to learn more about solutions to these inefficiencies. 

Key learning points: 

Targeted Recruitment: Using advanced data-science, de-identified patient data from major electronic health record databases can be combined with consumer data to create very accurate patient profiles. 

An Easy Path into Research for Patients: Using technology, study leaders can also improve chances for recruitment success by simplifying the patients’ journey throughout the enrollment process. 

Improved Visibility and Transparency: Using modern recruitment technology, study leaders can now consolidate participants recruited from multiple sources and easily view progress of all recruitment activities across an entire study, allowing them to make changes quickly to optimize the process. 

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December 16, 2021