Data Science & Decentralized Research Enhances Recruitment Outcomes

Decentralized trials lower barriers to participation in clinical trials and enhances the patient experience with easier patient engagement. While DCTs are helpful in overcoming traditional trials’ challenges such as poor recruitment outcomes and trial delays, they do come with their own burdens, such as appropriately qualifying candidates in a scalable way. 

A new partnership between THREAD, a technology and service provider enabling decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) and Trialbee aims to streamline patient recruitment for researchers on a global scale.

“This partnership between THREAD and Trialbee solves a crucial – and often difficult – piece of the DCT puzzle,” said Matt Walz, CEO of Trialbee. “As more clinical trials are decentralized, it’s important to make the patient matching and enrollment process streamlined and data-driven to ensure a successful study.”

Trialbee’s state-of-the-art data science techniques for patient recruitment helps biopharma, CROs and life science organizations achieve diversity and engagement goals. Combining these advanced recruitment techniques with THREAD’s decentralized research platform, researchers will be able to improve inclusivity and enhance recruitment outcomes in global DCTs and will be better equipped to overcome one of the largest challenges for clinical studies.

For more information,  request a demo of this solution.

For more information,  request a demo of this solution.


May 4, 2021