Bringing New Technology Approaches to Clinical Trial Recruitment

As Trialbee seeks to continue to innovate in ways that help to transform clinical trial recruitment, the company is working hard to bring in new ideas, perspectives, and experiences from other industries. The latest example is the addition of Lars Vange Jorgensen as Trialbee’s Vice President of Engineering. With over 20 years of experience leading engineering teams and building software products, he has helped to manage growth for several organizations ranging from startups to large corporations. Now Lars is working to apply his experience growing software engineering capabilities and best practices from outside clinical research to help Trialbee stay on the forefront of innovation. 

Q: Talk a little about the world you’re coming from 

LVJ: I actually began my career in healthcare working as a student developer for the Danish Ministry of Health, but I have since been working in software development for many clients in very different businesses, and with a part of my professional life in telecommunications and streaming in Denmark. It has been rewarding because I have always taken things I learned working for a client in one industry and applied them for other clients. I have learned to quickly identify best practices and implement them in ways that deliver value.  

Q: What drew you to the clinical research industry and Trialbee? 

LVJ: I learned about clinical research industry through my wife, who is a Quality Director at Novo Nordisk, and it appealed to me as a compelling industry to work in. Then, Trialbee contacted me, as they were actively looking for professionals with diverse experiences to help them grow their engineering department. The opportunity to build solutions that help produce new medicines and therapies is super appealing and after I met Matt Walz and the team, I was sold on the idea of joining Trialbee. This all came at a time when I was open to new opportunities and was looking for a role with a bit more meaning in terms of directly helping people. 

Q: What approaches from your previous experiences are you excited to bring to Trialbee? 

LVJ: When I made the shift from software coding to leadership roles, managing growth was always something that was needed as well as a facet of the job I found particularly rewarding. In a previous company I had the fortune of growing the 12-person software engineering team into a global department with 60+ employees. Trialbee presents similar growth needs and opportunities. With the explosion of new, technology-driven approaches to clinical research – and recruitment, specifically – Trialbee’s growth potential is enormous. So, with agile principles the challenge is to speed up the pace of innovation and product development while growing the existing service business. 

Q: What have you learned already since joining Trialbee? 

LVJ: Being new to the clinical research industry, I’ve learned a great deal about clinical trials and just how difficult it is to successfully find and recruit patients. It’s been interesting to dive into Honey and begin thinking about how to scale the team and infrastructure around those solutions. As we continue to grow and seek to evolve as a solution and service provider, to a company that also provides new software products, I’m excited to bring my experience helping to manage growth and change to the team. 

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January 17, 2022