Bridging the Healthcare-Consumer Divide: Scaling Reach for Patient Recruitment

Clinical trial recruitment is one of the biggest bottlenecks in clinical research, jeopardizing data quality and development timelines. Inefficient and untargeted recruitment efforts for late stage trials cause a rise in direct operational development costs and lost revenues due to delayed time to market.

To address these challenges, Trialbee has partnered with LiveRamp, the leading data connectivity platform, to find a pool of potential trial participants and then engage them for clinical trials in a patient-centric way.

“It is an exciting time for patient recruitment, as this partnership is the first of its kind,” said Lollo Eriksson, CSO of Trialbee. “Beyond patient recruitment, this collaboration will also allow us to engage patients throughout the entire study, providing valuable insight into the patient trial journey allowing us to tweak and optimize the process as needed to ensure the best possible recruitment, engagement and retention outcomes.”

Trialbee will leverage LiveRamp’s Identity Infrastructure and network of data providers to identify and reach potential clinical trial participants and remain engaged with those participants throughout their clinical trial journey. In turn, healthcare consumers will benefit from improved access to trial information and being empowered to make decisions to use clinical research as one option of care. 

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January 11, 2021