Announced on Rare Disease Day, partnership combines Trialbee RWD and Technology with ERGOMED Site Advantage solution for more efficient patient recruitment 

Malmo, Sweden and Raleigh, NC  (February 28, 2022) – Trialbee, the leader in technology-based patient matching and enrollment, has partnered with global clinical research organization ERGOMED plc (LSE: ERGO) to be the patient recruitment platform for their newly launched Rare Disease Innovation Center, partnering with their own novel Site Advantage™ solution for the better recruitment of rare disease patients. The partnership will enable greater patient centricity in the development of new rare disease treatments while also bringing them to market quicker and without costly delays.   

The announcement comes on Rare Disease Day, which recognizes the 400 million globally who have been diagnosed with a rare disease. 95% of rare diseases don’t have a single FDA-approved drug therapy, creating a unique opportunity for Trialbee and Ergomed to have a significant and immediate impact on the lives of those affected by rare diseases globally. 

Thirty percent of all investigational products globally are for rare diseases. Ergomed’s Site Advantage™ operating model is specifically designed to provide specialized support to research sites and patients participating in rare disease clinical research. Trialbee’s Real-World Data (RWD) powered recruitment engine and SaaS-based enrollment platform will be used to identify, recruit and enroll participants for the Rare Disease Innovation Centre. 

“This partnership is about impacting global rare disease research in a meaningful way for our industry,” says Matt Walz, CEO Trialbee. “By providing a global patient referral ecosystem with Trialbee Hive™, triaged through a single onboarding platform with Trialbee Honey™, and fully enabled by Ergomed Site Advantage™, we provide patients a frictionless journey into clinical research for rare disease, while reducing the burden of enrollment on sites.” 

Trialbee will serve as the patient identification partner for Ergomed’s Rare Disease Innovation Centre, which provides comprehensive trial management services for the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. Ergomed will utilize the Trialbee Hive™ solution to augment referrals and find patients more effectively than traditional site-based recruitment. Trialbee Honey™ will also be used to increase transparency and inclusivity by tracking referrals at sites, an end-to-end approach that accelerates recruitment regardless of geography or epidemiology.  

Zizi Uzezi Imatorbhebhe, Senior Vice President, Global Strategy and Development, Head Rare Disease Innovation Center, ERGOMED said “Rare Disease Drug Development is one of the fastest growing areas in drug development with a 12-14% annual growth rate, accounting for about one third of the drugs in development. We’re excited about the opportunity to launch our Rare Disease Innovation Center to leverage ERGOMED’s experience from doing hundreds of Rare Disease studies in conjunction with innovative approaches from our industry partners to help our sponsors overcome challenges in Rare Disease drug development. We are thrilled to partner with Trialbee as we launch our Rare Disease Innovation Center. This will leverage ERGOMED’s experience in doing hundreds of Rare Disease studies in conjunction with innovative approaches from Trialbee to help Rare Disease Sponsors and Sites address challenges in Rare Disease Patient Recruitment.”  

About Trialbee 

Trialbee is the leading global data and technology platform for patient matching and enrollment in clinical trials. Trialbee Hive™ operationalizes real world data (RWD) and applies data science to match patients globally. Trialbee Honey™ simplifies the journey for matched patients, reduces the burden of enrolling patients for sites and provides real-time, data-driven insights to sponsors and CROs so they can optimize enrollment timelines. Partnering with sponsors, CROs, and virtual/decentralized sites, and software providers, Trialbee is achieving patient enrollment goals and driving enhancements in diversity in clinical trial populations. We are the smartest way to match and enroll patients for your clinical trial. For more information, visit or contact us at


About Ergomed 

Founded in 1997, Ergomed plc is dedicated to the provision of specialized services to the pharmaceutical industry and the development of new drugs. With a global footprint covering 100+ countries, we have the reach to deliver solutions for even the toughest clinical development and trial management challenges. 

Ergomed has provided clinical development, trial management, and pharmacovigilance services for 300+ clients, from top 10 pharmaceutical and generics organizations to small and mid-sized drug development companies. 

Ergomed has been a pioneer in the Rare Disease Drug Development in addition to offering patient centric solutions and closely collaborating with patient advocacy groups to maximize sponsor success. For more information visit or email 

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