Trialbee, a world leading technology provider in patient matching and engagement announces two commercial milestones with two of the top 10 pharma companies. Trialbee has been selected to accelerate the clinical development of new drugs through its patient recruitment platform. The two partnerships also include deployment of Trialbee’s engagement application to ensure patient retention and study procedure compliance.

“It is a well-known fact that problems with predictable patient enrollment and retention in clinical trials as well as patients’ compliance to study procedures and adherence to treatment regimens are introducing unnecessary risks, costs and delays in clinical product development,” says Lollo Eriksson, CEO of Trialbee.

Accelerating clinical development while retaining patients in the studies have been the two most profound challenges in clinical drug research for decades. Trialbee’s technology platform in patient matching and engagement is efficiently targeting both of the bottlenecks.

“We are able to use our best-in-class expertise in interaction design, software development and biopharmaceutical product development to solve this challenge through patient-centric technology solutions,” says Max Westling, COO of Trialbee.

Trialbee´s technology platform has been developed with the objective to facilitate the transformation needed in the way investigator sites and patients view and participate in clinical trials. The technology successfully supports patients and site personnel to overcome study complexities, reduce site work burden and enhances the patient experience throughout the clinical trial journey. Achieving a superior clinical trial experience is vital to ensure opt-in and top engagement from both patients and investigators.

The two recently signed partnerships cover multiple development programs in selected therapeutic areas, and enable investigating sites to recruit more efficiently and empower patients through technology features that are integrated in their day-to-day activities.

About Trialbee

Trialbee is a world leading technology provider in patient matching and engagement, empowering patients to participate in clinical trials as a care option. Founded in 2010, Trialbee has continuously innovated patient-centric technology solutions for global clinical trials. Trialbee – Dedicated to patients; driven by science; and powered by data. For more information, visit and contact us at