Omnichannel Connector centralizes and standardizes data from all recruitment partners to optimize referral quality, provide honest ROI, and enable study teams to make informed recruitment strategy decisions 

Chapel Hill, NC and Malmo, Sweden – December 6, 2023 – Trialbee, your global patient recruitment and enrollment solution, has released its Omnichannel Connector for the Honey Platform™ to support the patient recruitment ecosystem with unprecedented transparency. The Omnichannel Connector is an open application programming interface (API) that centralizes and standardizes data from all recruitment partners to optimize referral quality, provide honest ROI, and enable study teams to make informed strategic and tactical decisions.

With 80% of clinical trials failing to reach recruitment goals on time, a single strategy is no longer sufficient for most studies. Patient advocacy groups, disease communities, diversity engagement organizations, pharmacies, medical records providers, and more can make a significant impact on the ability to reach ideal patients for your trial. However, having multiple sources with many pathways increases complexity and administrative burden which adds to inconsistent referral quality, partner management inefficiencies, and data format and reporting disparities.

Trialbee developed the Honey Platform specifically to embrace this ecosystem approach. The Omnichannel Connector operationalizes cross-vendor collaboration by retaining all the important data captured by every recruitment partner and sharing results openly throughout the team. This helps everyone understand what is working, and what isn’t, to continually improve how patients connect to your trial.

“The Omnichannel Connector creates a partner ecosystem, not a vendor one,” said Maggie Adamski, Senior Director of Omnichannel Solutions at Trialbee. “We consistently hear complaints from our peers at other recruitment providers that in many collaborations they can’t see data of how they are performing compared to others. At Trialbee, we are absolutely committed to data standardization and total transparency so we can help study teams determine the optimal mix of activities and channels across all recruitment partners and sources as a truly collaborative team. It’s no longer about different companies competing for referrals – it’s about all of us working together to help you reach the number one goal of connecting patients and families to your clinical trials.”

With the Omnichannel Connector in Trialbee Honey, study teams can…

  • Understand where patients are coming from and how to optimize budget across channels
  • Assess referral quality and enrollment rates by partner, channel, and individual tactic
  • Analyze funnel and drop-out metrics to improve targeting criteria and screening scripts
  • See global recruitment progress for a single trial or across global programs at a glance
  • Manage patient journeys from interest through enrollment while minimizing site burden

“Honey promises to be your single source of truth by unlocking the full value of your global recruitment ecosystem,” said Martin Kilsgard, Head of Product at Trialbee. “As a true SaaS solution, Honey centralizes activity and data from your partners regardless of who connects with and qualifies those ideal patients for your trial. Our Omnichannel Connector provides even greater control of your global patient recruitment performance and transforms your recruitment strategy into a single team working together to improve clinical research access for all.”

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About Trialbee

Trialbee is revolutionizing the patient recruitment ecosystem with technology, people, and passion. The company’s vendor-agnostic Honey Platform™ is a SaaS Patient Recruitment Platform that centralizes and standardizes all recruitment activities from every source, channel, and partner from interest through enrollment – providing unprecedented transparency and actionable insights for real-time patient tracking, higher-quality referrals that reduce site burden, and robust ROI reporting. Honey is surrounded by a team of Precision Recruitment experts who meet patients where they are in their journey with data-driven modeling based on consumer behavior and other real-world data, hyper-targeted digital outreach, two-step pre-qualification, and meaningful Omnichannel partners focused on patient advocacy, community engagement, and diversity. To take control of patient recruitment for your next study, visit