Improved features include a full-funnel ROI calculator, recruitment targets, simplified CRA and site workflows, and additional metrics for greater understanding of progress toward goals

CHAPEL HILL, N.C., and MALMÖ, Sweden — Feb. 12, 2024 — Trialbee, the global leader in technology-based patient recruitment for clinical trials, has introduced key features to the Insights module in its Honey Platform™ to provide even greater visibility into recruitment ROI and projections. These enhancements include:

  • A full-funnel ROI calculator across all sources, regions, channels, and individual tactics
  • Visual recruitment targets mapped onto actual progress and projections
  • Simplified CRA and site collaboration workflows for greater accountability and targeted follow-up
  • Powerful funnel and site performance data analytics and meaningful metrics to quantify recruitment initiatives

The Honey Platform already transforms patient recruitment for global trials with unprecedented transparency and actionable data analytics. These new features in its Insights module allow sponsors to make even better data-driven decisions that improve recruitment outcomes. Matching the rest of the SaaS platform, all new features have been designed with consumer-grade UX that improves end-user adoption and satisfaction.

“Sponsors are making substantial investments in patient recruitment and deserve a better understanding of how their outreach is paying off,” said Matt Walz, CEO of Trialbee. “This unparalleled level of visibility provides a thorough assessment of their efforts across all recruitment providers, sources, advocacy groups, and channels, so they can optimize their budgets accordingly. Evidence-driven knowledge of what is working, and what is not, ensures study teams identify, recruit, and enroll a wide range of candidates into their trials faster.”

The ROI calculator empowers sponsors with a clear view of their results for each recruitment source, partner, channel, and individual tactic, allowing them to compare the efficiency of their outreach mix to make data-backed decisions about where to spend their time, energy, and budget.

Intuitive recruitment targets offer better visualization of progress toward global enrollment goals, with powerful performance metrics such as the number of patients referred per site per month (PSM), allowing users to evaluate their successes to date without having to dig through tabular data.

Finally, workflow improvements to the “My Candidates & Sites” dashboard ensure CRAs have the information they need at their fingertips to follow up with sites and send alerts of new trial candidates so they can ensure no enrollment opportunities are missed.

“What makes the Honey Platform unique is that it is the only patient recruitment platform built by, used by, and surrounded by true patient recruitment experts,” said Oskar Daniel, Trialbee Honey Product Manager. “Having an in-house team of demanding users who have supported literally thousands of global clinical trials – along with the feedback we are constantly soliciting from site, sponsor, and CRO customers – ensures we prioritize the features and usability enhancements that will make a real difference in how patient recruitment is managed. By

providing total transparency and actionable insights, we help study teams improve recruitment outcomes and connect more patients to potentially life-changing clinical trial opportunities.”

Trialbee Honey is a vendor-agnostic and stand-alone patient recruitment platform that centralizes activities and standardizes data formats across all recruitment sources globally, and tracks participant journeys from interest through enrollment. By creating a single funnel with meaningful visual analytics and dashboards, Honey provides unprecedented transparency, actionable data insights, and trustworthy ROI reporting. This enables sponsors to optimize budgets, evaluate partners objectively, and take control of global patient recruitment.

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About Trialbee

Trialbee is revolutionizing the patient recruitment ecosystem with technology, people, and passion. The company’s vendor-agnostic Honey Platform™ is a SaaS Patient Recruitment Platform that centralizes and standardizes all recruitment activities from every source, channel, and partner from interest through enrollment — providing unprecedented transparency and actionable insights for real-time patient tracking, higher-quality referrals that reduce site burden, and robust ROI reporting. Honey is surrounded by a team of Precision Recruitment experts who meet patients where they are in their journey with data-driven modeling based on consumer behavior and other real-world data, hyper-targeted digital outreach, two-step pre-qualification, and meaningful Omnichannel partners focused on patient advocacy, community engagement, and diversity. To take control of patient recruitment for your next study, visit


Matt McLoughlin
Gregory FCA (for Trialbee)