In the article  “Fundamental Changes Required to Realize Benefits of CRAACO” published in Applied Clinical Trials, Trialbee shares insights into how we as, an industry, can realize the benefits of CRAACO.

The recent industry-wide focus on expanded access to health care as well as the desire for patient-centric approaches, high-quality care, and enhanced patient satisfaction have increased the interest in the concept of clinical research as a care option (CRAACO). The CRAACO concept views clinical trial participation as another viable medical care option for all patients who qualify, ultimately improving patient and population health while simultaneously accelerating clinical research.

In Trialbee, we believe that these three areas are key to connect innovative developments in clinical research with the reality of care.

  1. Closing the awareness gap and building trust
  2. Recognizing patients as individuals
  3. Shifting toward people-centricity

We continually optimize our digital solutions in patient recruitment and patient engagement in clinical trials to  enable the industry to move closer to an approach that truly has the patient at the core.

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