Enhanced capabilities deliver real-time data insights that allow sponsors and CROs to make critical decisions and meet enrollment goals faster

CHAPEL HILL, N.C., and MALMÖ, Sweden — May 16, 2023 — Trialbee, the leader in data and technology-based patient recruitment for global clinical trials, has enhanced its Omnichannel recruitment strategy by adding features for unprecedented transparency into performance across all channels, sources, and recruitment partners.

Available in the Trialbee Honey™ platform, these vendor-agnostic insights provide powerful real-time ROI data so sponsors can make critical decisions about where to invest and where follow-up is required in order to meet enrollment goals faster. With Honey Omnichannel, customers can:

  • Understand the current status, progress, and trajectory of their enrollment milestones.
  • Objectively evaluate partner performance including third-party recruitment providers, CROs, patient advocacy groups, and more.
  • Dive deep into the relative value of specific social channels (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, TikTok), digital mediums (email, social, programmatic), and individual campaigns by each referrer in their recruitment ecosystem.

By aggregating and analyzing all referrer channels into a single funnel with visual dashboards and insightful analytics, Trialbee Honey™ enables better enrollment outcomes through stronger candidate sourcing.

“Omnichannel is changing recruitment for clinical trials by expanding pathways to meet patients where they are in their journey — and this strategy is optimized by using one stand-alone platform to track results not just from a single campaign for a particular study, but to evaluate all recruitment efforts across entire global programs and multiple vendors.” said Martin Kilsgard, Head of Product at Trialbee. “It is a single source of truth that further clarifies the ROI for all recruitment activities. Having higher transparency of data leads to well-informed decisions and a comprehensive strategy that drives better, more economical enrollment outcomes.”

The enhancements put data insights front and center, thereby alleviating the need for study teams to separately calculate the resources that went into successfully recruiting candidates into a clinical trial.

“Trialbee Honey is already a one-of-a-kind technology platform for patient recruitment, and these new agnostic reporting features ensure sponsors achieve the same level of insights no matter which recruitment partners they choose to work with.” said Oskar Daniel, Product Owner and Designer at Trialbee. “With Honey, sponsors will now receive even greater visibility into the success of their recruitment campaigns so they can decide with confidence where to prioritize future recruitment efforts to meet and exceed their goals.”

Launched in November, Trialbee Honey™ Omnichannel simplifies recruitment by offering consistent messaging, pre-qualification, and real-time analytics for multiple recruitment sources. It reduces the burden of managing referrals at research sites and empowers study teams to optimize results.

Visit https://www.trialbee.com to request a demonstration of Trialbee Honey™.

About Trialbee

Trialbee is the leading global data and technology platform for patient recruitment and enrollment in clinical trials. Trialbee Hive™ operationalizes real-world data (RWD) and applies data science to find patients globally. Trialbee Honey™ simplifies the journey into clinical research for patients, reduces the burden of enrolling patients for sites, and provides real-time, data-driven insights to sponsors and CROs so they can optimize enrollment timelines. Partnering with sponsors, CROs, and virtual/decentralized sites and software providers, Trialbee is achieving patient enrollment goals and driving enhancements in diversity in clinical trial populations. We are the smartest way to match and enroll patients for your clinical trial. For more information, visit https://www.trialbee.com or contact us at solutions@trialbee.com.

Matt McLoughlin
Gregory FCA (for Trialbee)