CHAPEL HILL, N.C. & MALMO, Sweden — November 16, 2022 — Trialbee, the leader in data and technology-based patient recruitment and enrollment for clinical trials, will introduce Trialbee Honey™ Omnichannel, a powerful multichannel approach to global patient recruitment, at CNS Summit on Nov. 17-20 in Boca Raton, Florida.

Honey Omnichannel enables tracking for multiple recruitment sources, offering sponsors and CROs a simplified patient journey into the study with consistent messaging and pre-qualification, reducing the burden of managing referrals at research sites while providing real-time analytics for all global recruitment activities, empowering study teams to drive better enrollment and diversity outcomes for their trial. The new offering is available in the company’s flagship SaaS-based Trialbee Honey™ platform. Honey Omnichannel will launch with comprehensive, indication-specific global recruitment strategies that brings together an ecosystem of organizations that provide unique pathways for identifying and engaging with the target patients and their circle of care. By combining recruitment and enrollment technology, strategy, and services, Trialbee is forging a new platform-based model for patient recruitment to enable better enrollment outcomes.

“Single-tactic recruitment strategies running across disparate and disconnected technology solutions are no longer solving for the increasing recruitment, operational and staffing challenges facing our industry,” says Matt Walz, CEO of Trialbee. “Our aim is to provide a single platform to channel all recruitment and enrollment activities, which provides a better patient experience, reduces staff time at CROs and research sites, and surfaces real-time data for better decision making.”

By deeply understanding the therapeutic area and disease in question, building out an ecosystem of experienced and targeted recruitment partners for that disease, and harnessing the power of our Honey technology, we can deploy a comprehensive and effective recruitment strategy that drives better and more cost-effective enrollment outcomes.”

Trialbee is launching Honey Omnichannel with lupus as the pilot indication to demonstrate the power of combining a comprehensive recruitment strategy, a recruitment partner ecosystem, and the industry’s most advanced patient recruitment tracking platform. Lupus is a complex disease that takes an average of five years following the onset of symptoms to diagnose and, because of its unique patient population characteristics, presents recruitment and diversity challenges for clinical trials. The disease predominantly affects women and disproportionately affects women who identify as African American, Hispanic, Asian, and Native American, making equitable access to research trials critical.

Omnichannel ensures those impacted by lupus are aware of clinical trials before making a decision. With more than 100 interventional clinical trials for lupus in recruitment and more in the pipeline, Trialbee is bringing together partners who know how to engage with people living with lupus across the spectrum of ethnicity, race, education, age, geography, attitude, and access.

Trialbee targets patients through a multidisciplinary approach, which accelerates trial recruitment by uniting recruitment partners with unique approaches to identifying and engaging patient populations. All patients go through a two-tiered qualification process that involves a telehealth visit prior to referral, thus reducing the burden on research site staff. Additionally, staffers need only one technology interface to see patient referrals. Real-time recruitment data is then provided through Honey Analytics so sponsors and CROs can track progress and effectiveness and adjust as needed throughout recruitment.

Along with introducing Honey Omnichannel, Trialbee will attend and demo Trialbee Honey™ at CNS Summit (booth 50). For additional information, please visit or email to schedule a demo of the Honey platform.

About Trialbee

Trialbee is the leading global data and technology platform for patient recruitment and enrollment in clinical trials. Trialbee Hive™ operationalizes real world data (RWD) and applies data science to find patients globally. Trialbee Honey™ simplifies the journey into clinical research for patients, reduces the burden of enrolling patients for sites and provides real-time, data-driven insights to sponsors and CROs so they can optimize enrollment timelines. Partnering with sponsors, CROs, and virtual/decentralized sites and software providers, Trialbee is achieving patient enrollment goals and driving enhancements in diversity in clinical trial populations. We are the smartest way to match and enroll patients for your clinical trial. For more information, visit or contact us at

Matt McLoughlin
Gregory FCA (for Trialbee)