Industry Veterans to Fuel Growth of New Solutions for Patients, Sites, Sponsors and CROs

CHAPEL HILL, NC AND MALMÖ, Sweden – June 29, 2021 – Trialbee, the patient matching and enrollment platform, introduces the company’s Advisory Board, which aims to serve as an innovation council that provides actionable insights and expertise from across the clinical research ecosystem to drive the growth of new solutions to fuel enrollment performance.

The industry has an increasing focus on easing the patient journey while providing greater access to clinical research as a care option. By leveraging real world data, decentralized clinical trials and diversity criteria, the global clinical trial landscape will rapidly innovate.

Trialbee’s platform offers patients a simple journey into the study, reduces site burden through highly matched patient referrals and enables study teams to manage the performance of patient enrollment. This enables sites and sponsors to leverage real world data and data science to meet diversity requirements, reduce enrollment risk and meet their clinical trial timelines.

“As much as things have changed since the pandemic, enrolling representative patient populations for a given trial on time remains the biggest challenge in bringing new drugs and vaccines to market. The collective experience we’ve harnessed with our Advisory Board better enables Trialbee to weigh innovative technologies and streamline the enrollment performance,” says Trialbee CEO Matt Walz. “Trialbee’s emergence as a trusted partner comes at a time when finding qualified patients and simplifying their journey into clinical research is more important than ever.”

Industry Veterans Fuel Growth of New Solutions for Patients, Sites and Sponsors

The group of world-class experts in healthcare technology and clinical research will be led by Advisory Board Chairman Craig Lipset, Managing Partner, Clinical Innovation Partners.

“Now is the time for trials to move beyond outdated legacy approaches and deliver on the promise of patient access, experience, and diversity,” says Lipset. “Trialbee has assembled an industry-leading group of passionate scientists, entrepreneurs, and executives who are uniquely positioned to guide the company in realizing the full impact of their innovative patient-centric approaches.”

Joining Lipset on Trialbee’s Advisory Board are:

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