Aggregating channels with precision outreach to patients, family members, and oncologists/hematologists improves clinical research access for all

Malmo, Sweden & New York January 31, 2024 (BUSINESS WIRE) Trialbee, your global patient recruitment and enrollment solution, today announced its Omnichannel Network partnership with Massive Bio, a global leader in AI enabled patient journey mapping platform, to help better connect cancer patients and their oncologists/hematologists to clinical trials.

Visit Massive Bio at the Trialbee exhibit booth (#1209) at the SCOPE Summit on Feb 11-14, in Orlando, FL to the collaboration and how it improves awareness and recruitment for oncology and hematology clinical trials.

According to the U.S. Commission on Cancer, only 6.3% of patients participate in clinical research for cancer treatments, which makes it imperative to raise awareness of research opportunities as a care option.

Trialbee and Massive Bio understand that patients have so much going on in their lives and with their care, that clinical research isn’t typically top of mind for them, their families, or even their oncologists – while others may lack the time or knowledge of where to look, or the questions to ask. Because many of these trials potentially represent the latest and most innovative methods to save lives, improving the outlook for generations to come, the companies are committed to working together to act now.

“Our mission at Massive Bio is to raise awareness with our global patient and provider contact centers, physician-to-physician referrals, and mega channel partnerships with a specific focus on oncology and hematology studies,” said Selin Kurnaz, PhD, CEO of Massive Bio. “We aggregate all of these direct and indirect pathways while providing services for medical records collection, molecular diagnostics testing results collection (aka NGS testing), master pre-screening, and last-mile support (referral, logistics and financial) to make it easier for cancer patients to participate. This partnership with Trialbee brings another channel of identification and outreach with hyper-targeted digital recruitment so we can reach more patients together – including those at community-based practices, which was the founding reason of Massive Bio, so we can improve health equity and access for all.”

Trialbee and Massive Bio share similar approaches to recruitment for cancer trials with an emphasis on patient-centered research coupled with total transparency to ensure sites have the information they need to follow-up with interested study candidates.

“Complex patient recruitment challenges require a thoughtful strategy and, frankly, a new approach,” said Matt Walz, CEO of Trialbee. “We have built our Omnichannel Network to expand the reach of our own data-driving recruitment methods without sacrificing our core principles of being highly targeted in our outreach. Massive Bio is a perfect example of a valuable partnership that will open new pathways for patients while still remaining hyper-focused on the ideal participant personae for each clinical trial. We are impressed by the team at Massive Bio, and we are proud to collaborate with them to raise awareness of clinical trial opportunities for more, and more diverse, patients and families worldwide.”

“It’s often said that finding patients with cancer to participate in a particular trial is like finding a needle in the haystack – so we’re bringing our best and biggest pitchforks,” said Maggie Adamski, Senior Director of Omnichannel Solutions at Trialbee. “With our shared mission, Massive Bio helps us reach more patients than ever. We realize one recruitment channel isn’t enough on its own. That’s why we have built our Omnichannel Network with partnerships like this so more patients can discover the possibilities of clinical research as a care option.”

Interested participants will be tracked and managed all within the Trialbee Honey Platform™, which centralizes and standardizes recruitment and enrollment data from all sources to provide unprecedented transparency into the process while reducing burden on sites.

To learn more about how Trialbee and Massive Bio are working together to improve clinical research access for patients with cancer, visit and

About Massive Bio:

Massive Bio’s vision is to cover entire Pharma value chain with disruptive solutions to improve entire ecosystem from drug development to commercialization. Massive Bio is a unique tech-enabled big data platform with multiple use cases — addressing all friction points in end-to-end patient journey, enabling access to advanced treatment options for patients and optimizing drug commercialization for pharma. Utilizing AI to enhance equitable access and precision targeting for clinical trial matching, drug matching, and drug development, Massive Bio is committed to breaking down barriers in clinical trial enrollment, fostering value-based oncology decisions, and facilitating data-driven cancer treatment. Serving over four dozen pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations, and hospital networks, Massive Bio has earned recognition from the National Cancer Institute with an SBIR contract, and it is founding member of CancerX Moonshot. Founded in 2015 by a team of clinical, technology, and M&A executives, Massive Bio boasts a global presence with nearly 100 people across 12 countries. For further details, please visit www.massivebio.comhttps://askfiona.ai or interact with us on our social media channels.

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Trialbee is revolutionizing the patient recruitment ecosystem with technology, people, and passion. The company’s vendor-agnostic Honey Platform™ is a SaaS Patient Recruitment Platform that centralizes and standardizes all recruitment activities from every source, channel, and partner from interest through enrollment – providing unprecedented transparency and actionable insights for real-time patient tracking, higher-quality referrals that reduce site burden, and robust ROI reporting. Honey is surrounded by a team of Precision Recruitment experts who meet patients where they are in their journey using data-driven modeling, proven Omnichannel Network partners, and two-step medical pre-qualification. To take control of patient recruitment for your next study, visit

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