On January 25, CEOs Matt Walz and Del Smith, PhD, will discuss novel technology for managing recruitment, the imperative of earlier and sustained patient engagement, and more

CHAPEL HILL, NC & BIRMINGHAM, AL – January 20, 2023Trialbee, the leader in data and technology-based patient recruitment and enrollment for clinical trials, and Acclinate, whose NOWINCLUDED™ community accesses and engages diverse populations on health-related issues, will together present an informational webinar entitled, “5 Key Trends: Are Your Clinical Trials Ready for Diversity in 2023?”

The webinar will be held live from Acclinate’s headquarters in Birmingham, Alabama, on January 25 (10am-11am ET) with Trialbee CEO Matt Walz alongside Acclinate Co-Founder and CEO Del Smith, PhD.

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Agenda topics include…

• The business imperative of earlier and sustained patient engagement
• Trust-enabling technologies for community collaboration
• Leveraging real-world data (RWD) to target precise locations
• Using a robust platform for recruitment tracking and results management
• Adequate and equitable incentives, the changing regulatory landscape, and more

“Our mission at Acclinate is clear – to access and engage communities of color to create more inclusive research – but it cannot be our mission alone,” said Smith. “We need the entire clinical research industry, we need healthcare providers, and we need community and religious leaders to drive change through trust, open information sharing, and active listening. Only together will we help people and their families become more ready to participate in clinical research, and that’s what I am so excited to discuss with everyone on the webinar.” 

“Industry conversations the past two years have significantly raised the stakes and the visibility for the lack of diversity in clinical trials, and I believe we are on the precipice of making real strides this year if focus on the communities we all serve,” said Walz. “I also believe it is time for technology that provides transparency into the recruitment and enrollment process across all sites, channels, methods, and partners – giving sponsors and CROs the data and tools they need to manage performance and accountability that leads to results.”

The webinar will be recorded and made available for on-demand viewing after the event for everyone who signs up.

About Acclinate
Acclinate’s vision is health equity through inclusive research. We are a digital health company specializing in accessing and engaging communities of color so they can make informed decisions about clinical trial participation. Learn more at https://www.acclinate.com.

About Trialbee
Trialbee is the leading global data and technology platform for patient recruitment and enrollment in clinical trials. Trialbee Hive™ operationalizes real world data (RWD) and applies data science to find patients globally. Trialbee Honey™ simplifies the journey into clinical research for patients, reduces the burden of enrolling patients for sites and provides real-time, data-driven insights to sponsors and CROs so they can optimize enrollment timelines. Partnering with sponsors, CROs, and virtual/decentralized sites and software providers, Trialbee is achieving patient enrollment goals and driving enhancements in diversity in clinical trial populations. We are the smartest way to match and enroll patients for your clinical trial. For more information, visit http://www.trialbee.com or contact us at solutions@trialbee.com.

Matt McLoughlin
Gregory FCA (for Trialbee)