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Carlos Rodarte

Carlos Rodarte

Veriteos, Inc.- Co-Founder & President

Carlos Rodarte is the President & Co-Founder of Veriteos, Inc., which builds infrastructure that enables a more trustworthy healthcare data ecosystem. Formerly, Carlos held executive roles at Health Catalyst (IPO) and patientslikeme (acq. United Health Group) and founded HealthRhythms, a mental health focused company building digital biomarkers and digital therapeutics, and Volar Health, a strategic innovation consultancy supporting strategic planning and commercial development for health systems, payors, digital health companies, and the life sciences industry.

Earlier in his career, he was a life sciences management consultant at Frankel Group (acq. Huron Consulting Group), supporting a range of global R&D, market access, and strategic planning efforts. Carlos is an advocate for healthcare data transparency, actively plays a role in creating economic incentive models that counter the adverse impact of structural inequities, particularly in health, and believes in openly fostering discussion about hardship, mental health and resilience. For more information on his advisory board positions please visit here.