A Better Way to Manage the Recruitment Process

In a typical clinical trial, study leaders bring in large numbers of potential candidates pulled from broad outreach, most often through advertising or through calls on popular social media networks. While it may seem like drawing large numbers of candidates is a good thing, it leaves site-based study managers with the job of sifting through hundreds of candidates to find the few who actually meet the study criteria and can be successfully enrolled in the trial. Attempting to manage clinical trial recruitment in this way represents a tremendous time and effort burden for sites. Today, however, technology can help to make this process more efficient. 

Trialbee’s single platform offers study managers a streamlined solution for managing recruitment and enrollment. It starts with: 

A Curated Selection of Highly Qualified Candidates 

The simplest way to reduce the site burden associated with candidate selection is to reduce the number of candidates. But how do we do this and still ensure our study has a sufficient number of enrolled participants? Trialbee uses advanced data-science to find where the best candidates are and how best to reach them. By diving into de-identified data from the public domain, electronic health records, and insurance claims, Trialbee discovers where the most qualified patients are, and are therefore able to target those populations with highly specific recruitment messaging. This approach allows us to deliver smaller, but more targeted groups of potential patients to study leaders. These patients have already been identified as meeting much of the study’s eligibility criteria, making the jobs of site managers easier and leading to better retention of enrollees. 

Digital Tools and Workflows 

As study managers work to finalize their selections, Trialbee provides a centralized platform where they can monitor status of recruitment from beginning to end. Everything about each candidate, including location, demographics and what recruitment activity converted them is visible to study leaders in real time. The Trialbee platform is flexible, as well. Understanding that sponsors want to do all they can to make sure their studies are sufficiently enrolled and thus are likely to use multiple recruitment strategies, platforms, and vendors, Trialbee has developed an interoperable solution that can pull recruit data from any and all sources – even if they weren’t facilitated by Trialbee. This means that study managers don’t need to juggle multiple platforms and software applications – they can see everything from the Trialbee solution. This offers the ultimate into recruitment process visibility for study teams, giving them the confidence they need to make informed decisions. 

Taking the Risk Out of Recruitment 

Recruitment and enrollment account for a huge portion of overall costs associated with clinical research. Finding qualified and motivated candidates is difficult. Trialbee’s proprietary, data-driven approach produces highly-qualified candidates who are likely to be successfully enrolled in the study. Trialbee’s platform of digital tools allow study leaders to monitor the progress of each candidate as they meet each stage of evaluation, providing real-time insights throughout the entire process. We understand that the more site teams and sponsors know, they better they are positioned for clinical trial success. 

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July 28, 2021