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Putting People First – Insights from SCOPE 2022 

The technology that facilitates clinical research continues to advance at a rapid pace. Rather than making how we conduct trials sterile and impersonal, today we see that technology is helping us to get closer to the patients than ever before. After years of working toward making clinical trials more patient-centered, we are now truly putting the people aspects of drug development front and center where they belong. 

This was readily apparent at the most recent Summit for Clinical Ops Executives (SCOPE). Everyone in attendance was buzzing about two things; how technology is transforming patient engagement and how great it was to see people in person! While there seemed to be fewer people attending SCOPE this year compared to the last meeting in 2020, it was great to get back and see industry colleagues and friends. Amid the meetings and warm greetings with people I hadn’t had the chance to see in person for years, it was clear that all of us were excited to talk about what our companies were doing to make clinical trials work better for patients. 

For example, this year’s SCOPE Patient Engagement Awards featured a lineup of nominees who all specialize in innovative technology solutions for matching, enrolling, and engaging patients in clinical research. I’ve been lucky to spend the bulk of my career working for companies driven to improve how study leaders engage with patients. From the beginning of my time in the clinical research industry working for Medidata, the 2020 SCOPE Patient Engagement Award winner, to my role leading marketing for Trialbee, it is rewarding to find myself surrounded, both at work and at conferences like SCOPE, with brilliant professionals seeking to make research more accessible, more inclusive, and more realistic for all potential trial participants. 

For Trialbee, it was great to use the SCOPE platform to share what we’re doing to ease the clinical trial enrollment journey for patients. Combining advanced data science with a people-first approach, we seek to more effectively find and inform potential study participants and make their path into a clinical trial simple and straightforward. By reaching patients wherever they are, informing them, and providing easy-to-follow guidance, we believe we are expanding access to research far beyond what has historically been possible.  

We were also pumped to talk to our industry friends about how our Honey platform is giving sponsors, sites – really all study stakeholders – the kind of analytics they’ve always wished for. Now they can view all available recruitment and enrollment data in one place, giving them near real-time insights and allowing for fast, informed decision-making. Now the industry finally has the power to transform enrollment from an inexact science to a predictable and measurable start to their studies. 

Giving all patients access to information about clinical trials is an important step we must all take if we want to deliver more inclusive, representative studies. The good news is that, if SCOPE 2022 is any indication, we are well on our way as an industry to making this happen. 

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March 9, 2022