Realistic global patient funnels and enrollment ratios powered by real-world data


Realistic global patient funnels and enrollment ratios powered by real-world data


Many clinical trials fail to meet enrollment targets; contributing factors include a lack of patients at the chosen sites and restrictive protocol-defined patient criteria. Therefore, considering the needs, behaviors and location of your patient group when designing your protocol and determining your clinical approach is increasingly crucial. Empirical assessments of the patient population, patient density at sites and country-by-country differences in patient population provide the information needed for a successful trial strategy.

Accelerate timelines by accessing scalable, real-world data (RWD) to test the validity of your trial protocol design, including the inclusion and exclusion criteria, and assess the geographic spread of eligible patients so you can determine where, how and when to conduct your trial prior to enrolling the first participant.

  • Identify both site-based and non-site–based patients to ensure the best representation for the therapeutic area.
  • Access patient prevalence and geographical spread for the broadest set of appropriate, pre-qualified patients.
  • Investigate patient engagement levels with different types of messaging.
  • Identify experienced sites in areas with the target patient population.
  • Reduce the site footprint and associated costs through scenario modeling.


Create seed models and extend those to a larger matching population using look-alike modeling to accurately predict funnel attrition and qualitatively and quantitatively assess the feasibility of your chosen patient population.

The feasibility analysis combines clinical profile data, including patient availability, comorbidities and other protocol-specific inclusion and exclusion criteria, from RWD sources such as electronic health records and claims data with patient-related data such as demographics, behavior, interests and needs to:

  • Estimate patient availability
  • Determine the effect of exclusion and inclusion criteria on patient funnel attrition, providing input regarding whether loosening the criteria would improve patient enrollment
  • Predict post-referral behaviors, including the likelihood of consent
  • Identify patient motivators and barriers to participation


Predict realistic site enrollment ratios, estimate the number of patients available at a site, assess the incremental impact of recruitment and ensure the most appropriate sites are selected. Draw on the experience of the Trialbee team to determine the criteria to identify the best-fit sites for your program.

The feasibility analysis combines counts of qualified patients for select health care organizations (HCOs), the historical arrival rate of unique patients at an HCO and the scientific and medical capabilities of the site and potential investigators, including previous therapeutic area and study phase experience.

Reduce the site footprint and accelerate enrollment timelines

For patients who might be undiagnosed, underdiagnosed or present at a site for only a moment in time, RWD and patient panels are used to estimate the number of patients who will be referred, contact the site, visit the site and consent to participate.

Sites with access to the patient population are strategically selected based on the data mentioned above. Then, Trialbee partners with the selected sites to provide best practices to reduce site burden and enhance enrollment.

Enhance trial performance

For protocols that include patients whose chronic condition is already being managed at a potential site, the feasibility of the site is assessed using the data mentioned above. If selected, the site is equipped with a Trialbee recruitment toolkit and customized patient engagement platform to ensure the site’s success.


Understand country-by-country variation in estimated patient availability based on factors such as geographic location and differences in the treatment of the patient population. Geographic heat maps provide insight into drivers of predicted enrollment rates.


Create scenario models for patient funnels, site enrollment ratios, timelines and country footprint to assess virtual and hybrid trial options.


RWD (Electronic Health Records and Claims Data)

Use RWD data to provide the data needed to inform the set of patients:

  • Test the protocol criteria to understand if they are appropriate
  • Identify the matching patient demographic
  • Conduct look-alike modeling to determine cohort size
  • Conduct operational simulations
  • Assess patient funnels and patient count by HCO

Trialbee Global PatientVoice™

Incorporate global patient input to highlight differences in: 

  • Patient populations
  • Diagnoses
  • Medications
  • Patient burden related to participation
  • Barriers and motivators to participation

Principal Investigator Input

Conduct outreach to key investigators to understand country specific patterns for diagnoses, treatment and enrollment.

Stakeholder Input

Use findings from stakeholder discussions to identify criteria that can help trials go fully or partially virtual.


Select system features and services that match your requirements. Contact us and we will tailor a package according to your needs.

Digital Marketing

Efficiently market your clinical trial through social media, search optimization and paid advertising by leveraging our team of experts. We help maximize your patient identification campaign effects by applying geographic and population targeting principles.

Reaching the Right Patients

Develop the most effective queries to find the right patients and locations for your trials. We guide you through the process, from initial queries to patient or site identification and engagement.

Nurse Panel Screening

A second layer of pre-assessment further solidifies eligibility compliance and motivation of prospective patients. Boost convenience for investigator sites and trial participants by working with our licensed and qualified personnel for remote patient screening.

Content Development

Friendly, motivating communication is key when engaging patients. Drive a steady stream of enrolling prospects by working with our support team to create engaging content for your marketing campaigns, trial listings and informational materials.

Principal Investigator Identification

Finding the right patients is the first step. Geographic targeting of patient populations through health records and claims data may require new sites. We help identify suitable candidates within HCOs who can serve as principal investigators for your trials.

Project Management

Patient recruitment is a difficult process requiring focused attention and dedication. Our expert resources can help you drive down time and cost to reach your target population, including managing all project artifacts and site follow-ups.

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