Patient Retention & Engagement

Improve patient adherence and retention in clinical trials through digital engagement

Patient Retention & Engagement

Lengthy clinical trials with slow-moving signs of condition improvement often lead to frustrated patients, causing non-adherence and early drop-outs. Attrition rates can actually get as high as 30% for late phase trials, ultimately leading to difficulties in obtaining reliable and valid study results.

Trialbee Patient Retention & Engagement is a gamified mobile solution, designed to spur adherence and retention in trial participants. The BYOD compatible application allows patients to integrate the trial in their day-to-day lives through knowledge research, journey overview, adherence reminders and games, amongst other engaging features.

Adherence and retention trough strong engagement

Platform for remote monitoring and insight

Patient-friendly flow with playful design

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Patient Application

Integrating research into patients' everyday lives

Adherence Reminders

Reminders for medication intake and study appointments, including locked screen notification

Trial Journey

Clean overview of trial calendar and key milestones to ensure full understanding of the process

Event Descriptions

Detailed descriptions of site visitations including procedures, directions and site visitations

Resource Library

A repository for trial and disease related information to enhance patient knowledge and awareness


The application of game-design elements to create an engaging experience for the patient

Site Connection

Site personnel have a direct link to patients for pushing motivational messages and establishing a stronger relationship

Site Personnel Admin Tool

Remote adherence monitoring and patient management

Activity Feed

Real-time feed of patient activities, e.g. medication reporting, to allow for informed decisions on retention efforts

Participant Manager

Simple overview and management of patient notifications, calendar and status connected to the application

Simplicity & Automation

The admin tool is built to optimize ease-of-use. All protocol activities are programmed in advanced and automatically populated at activation

Key Design Principles

Patient Involvement

Consistent flow of communications adaptable to the specific needs of trial subjects to spur motivation for adherence and lifestyle intervention

Knowledge of Power

Patients have access to an education platform for trial progress and disease understanding to create awareness and empower the experience of being a trial participant

Reward of Pyschology

Application of design patterns that have traditionally been used in games to evoke a mental state that keeps the patient engaged in the process of overcoming the challenges faced during the


The Patient Retention & Engagement solution caters to trial conduct-related needs for sponsors, investigators and patients alike


Sponsors are provided with an intelligent feed of aggregated patient behavior data and a platform for direct-to-site follow-up, ensuring tools are in place to enable proactive retention support to investigator sites and extract learnings for future studies.


Through the Site Personnel Admin Tool, investigators have the opportunity to receive real-time automated follow-ups on patient adherence levels and engagement without manual interventions. They gain a clear and manageable overview of trial participants with a tool to share updates and messages to further spur patient motivation.


Trialbee’s Patient Application allows patients to access direct communications from site physicians, increasing the level of individual attention received. They get a one-stop portal for disease-related knowledge research and refreshing trial related information, accessible from their back pocket. Medication & visit reminders, trial journey overview and gamification elements will stimulate incentives and ensure timely adherence.

"We have indeed had a great experience with Trialbee, too good in fact, which is why we'd like to stop today. The sites have a backlog of patients that they can't process fast enough."

Executive Director - Global Pharma

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    System Customization

    We configure and provide a white-labelled system with customized features according to sponsor needs. Protocol activities are pre-programmed to minimize site workload.

  • 2

    Content Development

    Our in-house experts will support the creative development of your patient engagement program. We also make sure that approvable ethics documentation is generated.

  • 3

    Launch Support

    To ensure complete site and patient adoption, we provide dedicated support in usage and promotion of the system, including the development of instructional and sell-in material.

  • 4

    Project Management

    Our assigned project managers consolidate app usage data and provide regular status reports and technical support throughout the trial period.

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