7th Annual Patient Recruitment and Retention America Summit

Join Trialbee in Boston, 23-25 October, for the 7th Annual Patient Recruitment and Retention America Summit! Visit booth 6 and discuss how to recruit targeted patients for your clinical trial and how to increase patient retention, compliance, and adherence to treatment plans with our engagement app. In addition, you won’t want to miss Robert Molander, Senior Vice President Marketing, Trialbee, present Clinical Trials as a Care Option at 15:30 on 24 October, where he will discuss making clinical trials more accessible through targeted outreach and smart patient matching.

Read more about the Patient Recruitment and Retention America Summit.

12th Annual Optimizing Clinical Trials Summit

Join Trialbee in London, 2-4 October,  during the 12th Annual Optimizing Clinical Trials Summit! Visit booth 6 to learn how to empower patients with clinical trial as a care option through our best-in-class digital patient recruitment and retention. In addition, you won’t want to miss George Dorsett, Senior Director, Business Development & Customer Solutions, Trialbee, present Clinical Trials as a Care Option at 12:10 on 3 October, where he will discuss making clinical trials more accessible through targeted outreach and smart patient matching.

Read more about the Optimizing Clinical Trials Summit here.

Oresund Startups: Trialbee expands to London

Read about Trialbee’s expansion to a London office, which will share European clients with the Malmö office, in this article from Oresund Startups.

Trialbee pursues strategic expansion through new talent and investment

Trialbee is proud to announce the appointment of several leadership positions and new investments. This injection of talent and funding will underpin our plans for corporate growth and expansion into the US market.

“We increased our investment in Trialbee because we believe that the company’s prospects for growth are very bright,” said Patrik Sobocki from Industrifonden, one of the largest venture capital firms in the Nordic region. “There is a huge need for greater digitalization in clinical research, and the unique end-to-end technology platform that Trialbee offers is unmatched by anything else we’ve seen in the market.”

Read more in our full press release:


Trialbee to attend SCOPE Summit

Trialbee are proud to announce their attendance at the Summit for Clinical Ops Executives – SCOPE – in Orlando, FL. SCOPE is one of the world’s largest conferences focused on clinical trial planning, management and operations.

The Summit for Clinical Ops Executives – also known as the SCOPE Summit – takes place in Orlando, Florida 12-15 of February. It’s the 9th year for the conference, which is one of the most renowned in the industry, and for the first time, Trialbee is attending.

– We are very excited to attend the SCOPE Summit. It is a great platform for us to connect with industry leaders and participate in discussions about the future of clinical trial management, says Max Westling, Sr. Dir. BD & Strategy, who is attending the summit with Kyle Flickinger, Sr. Dir. BD & Customer Solutions.

As Trialbee continue to expand their presence in the American market, attending the SCOPE Summit marks an important step towards creating more brand awareness about the company’s innovative product offerings in the United States.

– Our mission to create a holistic digitalization of clinical trial management will ultimately benefit all stakeholders in medical research, explains Max Westling, and continues:

– Moreover, we see a need to bring medical research and healthcare closer to each other in order to reduce delays in drug development and bring cutting-edge treatments to patients more quickly.

Read more about SCOPE here.

Trialbee launches new patient-centric platform “Trialbee Health”

Trialbee has launched their new patient-centric platform Trialbee Health, which will improve patient access to clinical research. The Trialbee Health platform will act as an important step in Trialbee’s continued work to improve patient access to groundbreaking treatments by enabling a closer connection between all stakeholders involved in drug development.

Trialbee Health is Trialbee’s new platform for patients, caregivers and family members interested in learning about and engaging in clinical research.

Trialbee Health provides approachable and patient-friendly information about the clinical trial process, what it means to participate in a clinical trial, and answers frequently asked questions about clinical research. As a part of Trialbee’s Patient Recruitment offering, the platform also provides research sponsors with the possibility to market their studies to the Trialbee Health community.

The Trialbee Health platform will continuously develop with new features and services that bring not only sponsors, patients and investigators together, but also break down the barriers between clinical research and healthcare.

– Our new patient-focused brand Trialbee Health gives us the opportunity to further expand our patient-targeted services and is a key step in our journey towards holistic digitalization of clinical research. We have noticed that there is a need for better connection between research stakeholders, and Trialbee Health will act as a platform for communication, information, and marketing of clinical trials to make the study journey more streamlined for everyone involved, says Max Westling, Business Developer at Trialbee.

With the launch of Trialbee Health, Trialbee is also revamping their market offerings on a brand new sponsor-targeted information platform (trialbee.com).

– We continue to work towards our core mission to accelerate health by engaging patients in clinical research. Trialbee Health and the re-launched trialbee.com mark two important steps on our journey and we are very excited about the future expansion of our services, says Max Westling.

Trialbee to speak at Partnerships in Clinical Trials Europe in Amsterdam

Trialbee will speak at Partnerships in Clinical Trials Europe (PCT) in Amsterdam tomorrow (November 28). With new technology continuously improving clinical trials, Trialbee’s talk will focus on how a digital transformation of the clinical research process can streamline the experience and outcome for all stakeholders.

Partnerships in Clinical Trials Europe (PCT) is an annual event for accelerating clinical research through collaboration, networking, and exchanging of ideas within the industry. This year, PCT will be held in Amsterdam, where Trialbee’s Business Developer Max Westling will speak on “Digital Transformation of Clinical Research”.

The talk will be held in the Innovation Den at midday tomorrow, November 28. The overarching theme for the session is how technology can support the individual patient and improve patient recruitment as well as patient outcome.

Trialbee ranked as one of Sweden’s fastest growing companies

Trialbee has been ranked as one of the fastest growing technology companies in Deloitte’s Sweden Technology Fast 50. With a commercial growth of 497%, the Malmö-based company is the 31st fastest growing technology company in Sweden.

Sweden Technology Fast 50 is an annual ranking of the fastest growing technology companies in Sweden, based on commercial growth during the last four years. The ranking is compiled by Deloitte, and includes both public and private companies working in different industries related to the technology sector.

This year, Trialbee is included on the list for the first time, with a growth rate of 497% between 2013 and 2016.

Trialbee’s innovative software solutions help streamline the clinical trial process for all stakeholders. The company was founded in 2010, and has since then worked with some of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world.

The Sweden Technology Fast 50 ranking comes only weeks after Trialbee was named one of the 30 most innovative health tech companies in the world in Accenture HealthTech Innovation Challenge.

Read more about Sweden Technology Fast 50 here.

Trialbee recognized as one of the most innovative health tech startups in the world serving the life science industry

Trialbee has been selected as one of the 30 most exciting startups within health technology in Accenture HealthTech Innovation Challenge. The company will now travel to London on November 3rd to compete for a place in the final in San Francisco early next year.

As one of ten European startups selected by the Accenture HealthTech Innovation Challenge jury, Trialbee will attend the regional round in London on November 3rd.

The selected companies will pitch their solutions, and ultimately compete for a place in the grand final at the StartUp Health Festival in San Francisco, January 2018.

“We are proud to be recognized and selected by Accenture for our innovation in bringing medicinal products to patients in a more effective way,” says Tobias Folkesson, CEO for Trialbee and continues:

“Digitalization of the clinical trial process simplifies product development, makes delivery milestones more predictable, and promotes integration of research and healthcare. As a result, noticeable improvements have been observed in patient satisfaction, cost of care, and outcomes of treatments.”

Solving the big healthcare challenges

In total, close to 700 global startup companies working with digital health in the life sciences and healthcare industry took part in the challenge. Of these, 31 companies have been selected to demonstrate their strengths in the regional rounds held in London, Singapore, and Boston.

Accenture HealthTech Innovation Challenge aims to solve some of the biggest challenges that healthcare face today. Trialbee’s mission to digitalize the clinical trial process through innovative software solutions to integrate clinical research as one option of care ultimately works towards bringing ground-breaking treatments to patients faster.

“Patient engagement in clinical research brings development of new medical interventions closer to healthcare and the end users of new promising drugs, vaccines and medical devices. It is a customer driven approach using digitalized interactions that makes development of medical treatments faster, better, and less costly,” says Max Westling, Business Developer for Trialbee.

How can new technology streamline clinical trials?

Conducting clinical trials can be both time-consuming and costly, but new technology can streamline the process.

Thanks to the increased simplicity of accessing information online, many patients today are more informed about their conditions. This changes the patient’s position to an active, informed and engaged consumer in clinical trials. The increased engagement can also lead to new insights for the pharma industry, and in turn help the acceleration of healthcare.

Moreover, patients’ skills with new technology also offer great opportunities for clinical trials to use new, innovative solutions for sharing health data. By using mobile apps and wearable technology, patients in clinical trials can directly share health data with clinics. This means that clinics can work more efficiently with data input and analysis.

The use of technological devices and online programs also has the potential make clinical trials more accessible for patients, as they can participate even if they do not have access to a clinic nearby. New technology also offers more flexibility for pharma companies, as they can quickly adapt to changes in clinical trials.

Furthermore, innovative software for patient recruitment, as offered by Trialbee, streamlines the often time-consuming recruitment process. With innovative solutions and online recruitment, new technology can greatly benefit not only clinical trials, but also potential patients. For more information about our software, contact us.

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