Trialbee Secures €11 million in Funding to Scale Digital Patient Trial Recruitment and Engagement Solutions

Trialbee announces the closure of an €11 million investment round to onboard strategic investor MTIP, the European specialist investor in Healthtech scale-up companies. Existing investors Industrifonden and Briban Invest also participated in the round.

Trialbee Celebrates Triple Digit Growth Year over Year

Company’s positive trajectory with revenue, partnerships, and customers to continue with a strong outlook in 2020

Trialbee and TriNetX Partner to Accelerate Patient-Centric Clinical Trials


Trialbee, a world-leading technology provider in patient matching and engagement, is partnering with TriNetX, a leading global real-world health research network comprised of >170M patients across 23 countries  to support data-driven digital solutions to accelerate patient-centric clinical trials.

“This partnership will significantly widen Trialbee’s service offerings to drive patient recruitment and retention,” said Lollo Eriksson, CEO of Trialbee. “This is a great opportunity to leverage both organizations capabilities to develop new services in order to optimize clinical trials to empower patients with clinical trials as a care option. TriNetX is the market leader in leveraging real world data for the applications of clinical trial design, feasibility and site selection, and we look forward to embarking on this journey together.”

Trialbee develops innovative software to reduce clinical trial recruitment timelines and enhance the patient engagement experience, and TriNetX optimizes clinical research and enables discoveries through the generation of real-world evidence (RWE). TriNetX’s access to patients through its global healthcare organizations (HCO) partners as well as through publicly available sources, and Trialbee’s expertise in patient recruitment and digital outreach represent a multi-pronged approach to identify, engage, and drive patients to clinical trials, improving efficiency and time-to-market.

With TriNetX’s real-time access to a large data repository, patient populations, and network of HCOs, and Trialbee’s seamless patient recruitment experience, the two companies will harness the power of RWE and real-time analytics to support customers with their end goals of protocol design, site selection, patient recruitment and retention. Additionally, the two companies will work together to develop new services to accelerate clinical trial outcomes and make healthcare organizations successful.

“Our collaboration with Trialbee further enhances our healthcare organizations’ capabilities to streamline patient identification and recruitment. We see this partnership as a complementary effort to our digital developments around protocol design, site identification and access to patients.” said Maulik Mehta, Sr. VP Corporate Development. “Together, TriNetX and Trialbee will further enable clinical research as an alternative care option to patients.”

About Trialbee

Trialbee is a world leading technology provider in patient matching and engagement, empowering patients to participate in clinical trials as a care option. Founded in 2010, Trialbee has continuously innovated patient-centric technology solutions for global clinical trials. Trialbee – Dedicated to patients; driven by science; and powered by data. For more information, visit and contact us at [email protected]

About TriNetX

TriNetX is the global health research network that revolutionizes clinical research and enables discoveries through the generation of real-world evidence. TriNetX combines real time access to longitudinal clinical data with state-of-the-art analytics to answer complex research questions at the speed of thought. The TriNetX platform is HIPAA and GDPR compliant. For more information, visit TriNetX at or follow @TriNetX


Press Contact
Crossroads B2B for Trialbee
+1 (001) 919.270.8054
[email protected]

Trialbee announces strong sales results and a 10 yearlong patient engagement and retention assignment


Trialbee announces strong sales results in H1 2019 and the launch of a 10 yearlong assignment for its engagement and retention technology with one of the largest global pharmaceutical companies.

Trialbee, a leading technology company in the development of innovative software to reduce clinical trial recruitment timelines and increase the patient engagement experience, announces the appointment of Richard Thomas as its new member to its Board of Directors.

Trialbee delivered strong YoY sales result for its patient matching and engagement technology and exceeded its H1 2019 sales target by 26%. The sales uptake in H1 2019 is predominately driven by growth within the pharmaceutical customer segment. H1 has also demonstrated an increased interest among some of the leading global Contract Research Organizations, a trend the company believes will continue to develop. Sales in H1 is also indicating that customers are requesting to onboard Trialbee’s technology earlier in the drug development process, which is in line with Trialbee’s sales strategy. The technology platform is gaining more momentum as an embedded solution from clinical trial planning through the patient retention phase.

“We are pleased to note that our solutions are delivering demonstrable recruitment and retention efficiencies for our customers, which has advanced Trialbee to become an embedded healthcare partner with major clients, a key strategic driver for continued double digit growth.” Robert Molander, Chief Commercial Officer at Trialbee, said.

In addition to the strong sales result in H1, Trialbee was also successful in landing its longest engagement and retention assignment with one of the largest pharmaceutical companies. Trialbee’s engagement technology will follow more than 3,000 subjects over a 10-year period to support timely and accurate monitoring of questionnaire completeness. The assignment demonstrates the potential of the technology and future applications, but also the high value it delivers to patients and sponsors in securing reliable long-term study outcomes.

About Trialbee:

Trialbee is a world leading technology provider in patient matching and engagement, empowering patients to participate in clinical trials as a care option. Founded in 2010, Trialbee has continuously innovated patient-centric technology solutions for global clinical trials. Trialbee – Dedicated to patients; driven by science; and powered by data. For more information, visit and contact us at [email protected]


Press Contact:
Robert Grimm

+46(0)76-525 82 11
[email protected]

Investor Contact:
Daniel Spasic

Executive Chairman Trialbee
[email protected]

Meet us during OCT East Coast 2019, May 21-22

Meet Trialbee in King of Prussia, PA, during OCT East Coast 2019, May 21-22!

We are there to share our latest digital solutions and insights within patient recruitment and patient engagement. Please join us during our session on May 21 “Being a better recruitment partner to sites” and meet up with us during the conference. Contact Alicia Foley to book a meeting for the conference.

Read more about the conference here

Meet us in Milan during OCT Europe 2019, May 14-15

Meet with Trialbee @OCT Europe 2019

Meet us in Milan, Italy, during OCT Europe 2019, May 14-15!

We will be there to share our latest digital solutions and insights within patient recruitment and patient engagement for patient-centric and accelerated clinical research. Please join us during our session on May 15 “Entering the next dimension in clinical trials with digital recruitment and engagement” and come by our booth #58. Contact George Dorsett to book a meeting for the conference.

Read more about OCT Europe

Trialbee insights on CRAACO featured in Applied Clinical Trials

In the article  “Fundamental Changes Required to Realize Benefits of CRAACO” published in Applied Clinical Trials, Trialbee shares insights into how we as, an industry, can realize the benefits of CRAACO.

The recent industry-wide focus on expanded access to health care as well as the desire for patient-centric approaches, high-quality care, and enhanced patient satisfaction have increased the interest in the concept of clinical research as a care option (CRAACO). The CRAACO concept views clinical trial participation as another viable medical care option for all patients who qualify, ultimately improving patient and population health while simultaneously accelerating clinical research.

In Trialbee, we believe that these three areas are key to connect innovative developments in clinical research with the reality of care.
1.Closing the awareness gap and building trust
2.Recognizing Patients as Individuals
3.Shifting toward people centricity

We continually optimize our digital solutions in patient recruitment and patients engagement in clinical trials to  enable the industry to move closer to an approach that truly has the patient at the core.

To read the full article, please go here

To read our white paper on CRAACO, please go here

Trialbee participates in World Vaccine Congress

Trialbee participates in World Vaccine Congress, Washington, April 14-17

Meet Trialbee in Washington for the World Vaccine Congress, R+D + Strategic partnering for the Global Vaccine Industry. Visit booth #223 to get the latest insights in digital solutions within recruitment and engagement which enables accelerated clinical research.

Read more about the World Vaccine Congress.

Trialbee and Linical Accelovance Group join forces

Trialbee and Linical Accelovance Group join forces to intergrate patient recruitment and retention services throughout the clinical trial execution process.

MALMÖ, SWEDEN and ROCKVILLE, MD. March 26, 2019.

Trialbee, a world leading technology provider in patient matching and engagement, and Linical Accelovance Group, a market-leading, midsized, global contract research organization (CRO), announce they will join forces to drive the next generation of digitally powered patient-centric clinical trials. Biopharma sponsors will now have access to a single point of contact delivering end-to-end next generation clinical trials, expediting clinical trial enrollment, retention and speed-to-market solutions.

By interlinking digital capability and global clinical trial execution into one end-to-end support chain, this partnership has what it takes to positively disrupt clinical research and accelerate patient access to new treatments and improved outcomes.

Patient-centricity is valuable to the entire clinical trial lifecycle. Patient and clinical data refine the feasibility process and help sharpen trial design. A digital recruitment strategy can then be deployed to reach the targeted patient population and enhance trial enrollment timelines. Furthermore, customized engagement solutions mitigate patient attrition, resulting in reduced site burden while maintaining data integrity, quality and project timelines.

“Trialbee drives clinical trial success by combining in depth knowledge of clinical trial design and our digital outreach expertise to identify, connect, engage and offer patients access to relevant trials. By addressing patient-specific needs in a relevant manner, we bridge the gap between willing patients and available clinical trials, manage expectations, and connect well-informed and already engaged patients with investigational sites. In partnership with Linical Accelovance Group, a clinical research operations leader providing flexible and pragmatic drug development services, we can jointly deliver a world class recruitment and engagement model across the entire trial lifecycle, resulting in on-time delivery of quality data,” said Lars-Olof Eriksson, CEO of Trialbee.

Vita Lanoce, CEO of Linical Accelovance Group, commented, “We are pleased to be at the forefront of developing new approaches to accelerate enrollment timelines by engaging patients and investigational sites to successfully deliver clinical research trials. As a global CRO, we have expertise designing and conducting clinical trials across many therapeutic areas and strong relationships with investigative sites. By layering our strengths with Trialbee’s technology, we can deliver a more powerful, integrated solution that assures a clear understanding of the patient journey, enhancing patient recruitment and retention, and, as a result, benefiting sponsors, sites, and the patients themselves.”

In the clinical research community, delivering a clinical trial successfully requires strict focus on well-known barriers. The same challenges still prevail; 11-30% of sites fail to recruit a single patient and as many as 50% of trials are delayed due to recruitment issues. The costs incurred because of delays are momentous, amounting to as much as $8 million per day, along with detrimental setbacks in access to cures. Even once a patient is enrolled, retention and protocol adherence are of the utmost importance for success. The reality is that 30% of enrolled patients will drop out over the course of a clinical study. The industry is yearning for innovative solutions to effectively recruit and retain patients in clinical trials.

About Trialbee:

Trialbee empowers patients worldwide with clinical trials as a care option through best-in-class digital patient matching and engagement solutions. Since its inception, Trialbee has continuously innovated patient-centric solutions for global clinical trials. Trialbee operates its technology globally from two locations in Sweden and the USA. Trialbee – Dedicated to patients; driven by science; and powered by data. For more information, contact [email protected].

About Linical Accelovance Group:

Linical Accelovance Group is a market-leading, midsized, global contract research organization with a significant footprint across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. With operations in more than 20 countries, Linical Accelovance Group is a full-service CRO uniquely capable of conducting large-scale, multinational studies, while delivering personalized, hands-on service. The organization’s areas of expertise include oncology, hematology, vaccines, CNS, and general medicine trials across Phases I-IV. Providing drug development services to pharmaceutical companies, biotechs, investigative sites and academic institutions, Linical Accelovance Group supports client needs by leveraging operational knowledge and patient recruitment strategies that result in successful clinical trials.

Trialbee tar in 20 miljoner

Medicinteknikbolaget Trialbee tar in 20 miljoner kronor och värvar en ny chef till huvudkontoret i Malmö. Den största delen av kapitalet kommer från majoritetsägarna Industrifonden och Briban Invest, och ska användas för fortsatt utveckling och utlandsexpansion.

Trialbees marknadschef Robert Molander, som utgår från bolagets kontor i Research Triangle Park i North Carolina, ser kapitaltillskottet som en signal om att bolaget är på rätt väg i sin strävan att bli en viktig samarbetspartner för läkemedelsindustrin vid klinisk produktutveckling.

Robert Molander

– Det finns en stark tilltro till vår strategi och förmåga att attrahera kunder med global spännvidd, inte minst genom vårt nya samarbete med två av branschens största innovativa läkemedelsbolag, säger Robert Molander till Rapidus.

Vilka bolag det rör sig om vill han inte avslöja eftersom de själva ännu inte har gått ut med informationen. Som ett led i uppskalningen har Trialbee rekryterat en finans- och HR-chef, tillika vice vd, till kontoret i Malmö: Carlos Rodriguez. Han har erfarenhet från bland annat läkemedelsbolaget Amgen och kontraktsforskningsbolaget Trial Form Support – vars grundare Daniel Spasic är delägare i Trialbee. Malmöbolaget är också i slutfasen av att anställa en teknisk chef.

Trialbees IT-plattformar har utformats för att öka träffsäkerheten vid rekrytering av patienter och minska risken för avhopp från kliniska prövningar. Just patientavhopp är en springande punkt, uppger vd Lollo Eriksson, eftersom den statistiska signifikansen kan gå förlorad vid
många avhopp.

Lollo Eriksson

– Kliniska prövningar är både kostsamma och tidskrävande, så läkemedelsbolagen är angelägna om att patientrekryteringen är effektiv. De strävar också efter att maximera patenttiden. En försenad produktlansering kan innebära förlorade intäkter på upp till 50 miljoner dollar för ett enda läkemedel, säger han.

Trialbee sysselsätter drygt 30 personer som arbetar från huvudkontoret i Malmö eller från filialen i USA. Bolaget grundades 2010 av före detta Sony Eriksson-anställda Tobias Folkesson och Jonas Billing. Mellan 2016 och 2017 minskade bolagets nettoomsättning från cirka elva miljoner kronor till fyra miljoner, men målet att omsätta 500 miljoner kronor år 2022 står fast.


Jessika Nord
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