How Do Clinical Trials Find Patients
How Do Clinical Trials Find Patients Online?

Setting the Facts Straight on Targeted Digital Recruitment

Duration: 30 minutes   
Date:  6/2 10am ET, 4pm CET 
Speakers: Michelle Novak, Joanna Auerbach-Rodriguez  

For years, clinical trials have relied upon online advertising as an important tool for informing the public about research study opportunities. As technology has advanced, those in charge of trial recruitment and enrollment have been able to employ tools and solutions that allow them to better target audiences more likely to fit their studies’ eligibility criteria. 

Join us on June 2nd to hear more about the facts around targeted digital recruitment for clinical research. 

Key Learning Points:  

  • How Is Clinical Trial Recruitment Different from Consumer Advertising? Digital recruitment companies are seeking to bring in a higher percentage of likely-eligible candidates through messaging designed to inform and educate about the study while explaining the benefits of participation. 
  • How are Potential Study Candidates Targeted? To dispel a myth around targeted online advertising in clinical research – digital recruitment companies are not targeting specific people. They do not know specific names, geographic locations, health histories or other such unique and personal details. Instead, they begin by creating patient profiles. These are theoretical personas of the ideal types of eligible study participants. 
  • Approaches to Targeted Patient Recruitment: With patient profiles created, recruitment activity begins. This activity is highly iterative. This means that digital recruitment companies are constantly testing messaging with audiences based on the patient personas. The level of interaction and engagement is used to further refine both the personas themselves and the messaging. 

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May 2, 2022