The Trialbee Platform

Holistic digitalization of the clinical journey

Our Platform

Clinical researchers today face intense difficulties with managing trial timelines and costs but still remain resistant to reimagining the traditional way to operate a study, leading to a massive opportunity loss in drug delivery.

The Trialbee product suite is designed to create holistic digitalization of the patient journey in clinical trials. We have developed a cloud-based platform to connect patients, investigators and sponsors and support workflows across the study chain.

Our Offerings

Trialbee's end-to-end solution provides patients with easy mobile access to disease communities, trial research & signup, treatment journeys, adherence reminders and outcomes reporting for highest possible engagement.

Simultaneously, investigators gain access to digital outreach campaigns, online screening, patient administration tools and actionable analytics to streamline the workload of clinical sites.

Patient Recruitment
Patient Retention & Engagement
Patient Feasibility Analysis